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Yoga Journal

Overall Rating:Average Rating (3.41) based on 17 ratings

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yogasyogi (0)
I got a subscription to yoga journal and find some of it informative. However, I am a black male that has been practising and teaching youga for 10 and 6 years respectivly. It astoundes me that there are no black males in the magazine demostrating poses and that all of the cover people are lilly white. Before you call me a racist. I will tell you that color doesnt matter, but it is inspiring to see people in your image as role models. For instance, more black kids are playing golf now. Why? because they see a dark skinned guy named Tiger Woods playin and this serves as a positive role model for them. Yoga and it's image should be accesible to everyone and this seems like a culural bias that yoga journal cant't find any black men to feature in their magazine. How lame!!!!!!0
carthage (0)
Great magazine for old & new practitioners- new asana every month is fun to see (esp new variations). Maybe too many ads, but how else can you find out about retreats and music? Thoughtful articles by fellow enthusiasts help me stay inspired, remind me in every issue that yoga is a lifetime interest and there's always more to learn. 0
K95005 (0)
Although I wouldn't give it a 4 or 5 because, for me, it still falls under mainstream media and the main focus is to sell-I appreciate some of the articles that feature spiritual teachers and current New Age interests-it's also a good resource for New Age/Spiritual/Health/agencies/schools/centers, in the back of the magazine.1
Megalicious (0)
It's very informative. I love the pictures. It has a wide variety of yoga styles. The articles by Mark Epstein are good.0
DonnaSC (0)
Before I started reading the Yoga Journal, I thought that there wouldn't be enough new stuff to fill up the pages of a magazine again and again-but they've done it. The Yoga Journal is interesting in every issue, and really makes one feel as if they are part of a wider community of health and mind concious people. A very necessary (and wonderful) magazine for this day and age!3
Saga (0)
When I do pick up Yoga Journal, I tend to enjoy it. They have in depth, well done, articles on alternative healing and yoga. There pose of the month is always fun to try out, plus, where else will you find ads for soy milk?2
Angelj (0)
This is a very informative magazine about health and fitness Yoga Style. We need more of these kinds of journals about womens health, rather than appearance, in circulation. The authors and writers do a good job of advising on healthy eating and lifestyles while showing new yoga moves and medications. This is a great magazine to have around the house.3
lisa9189du (0)
I love this magazine! I am a beginner yoga student, and I find it appealing, helpful, and inspiring. They have great beginners poses, wonderful articles about health, spirituality, and fitness, and the editorials seem really responsive to readers.0
mar19083et (0)
I just started doing yoga and the Yoga Journal is a very exciting journal that gives a lot of interesting information.0
PRIN508OM (0)
I like the yoga journal because it is very informative0
eago421om (0)
Unfortunately, a lot of the magazine deals with the mystical misconceptions Americans have about other cultural art forms. Yoga (or stretching) of any kind doesn't need a sheet, or sprcial spandex, or relaxing meditational music, etc. The magazine seems to market those things and the belief of peacefullness.0
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