American Auto Body Shop

American Auto Body Shop
6400 Chillum Pl Nw
Washington ,  DC   20012-2134
United States
Phone: (202) 882-4171
Added on 10/02/2004
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My husband and I recently had a fender-bender, which left us with a dent in our right passenger side wheel well. Our insurance agency, State Farm, recommended we use American Autobody Shop. Our car was towed there. After many delays and frustrations with them, I picked our car up on Tuesday, Feb 7 and stopped for gas on my way home. When I attempted to turn my car back on, I found the battery was completely dead. The mechanic at the gas station opened the hood to charged the battery, and found that our battery was being held in place by a rope, and under it were shards of cement. It now does not run. It ran perfectly when we had it towed in simply to have the wheel well dent fixed (it was towed to keep the tire from rubbing, not b/c it didn't run). The autobody shop was not authorized to do anything to our battery or anything else under the hood, nor did they inform us of any problems, even when we came in to pick it up. Exacerbating the problem, my husband is a diabetic and had a small, sealed container in the vehicle with sanitary medical supplies including needles and insulin, and the employees of the shop when through it and removed things. I would like to ensure they can't do this to anyone again.

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