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Overall Rating:3.34 based on 70 ratings
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Panterarules1 (0)
One of the heaviest Blues/Rock albums ever produced!!! Geezer and Ward put on a great rhythmic performance!!!!

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ibroxloyal (0)
Quite simply one of the best heavy metal albums of all time. The Wall Of Sleep, Black Sabbath and NIB stand out as classics that nearly 30 years later are still as fresh as the day they were laid down on vinyl. Buy it.

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fraggy (0)
Great blues metal...A keeper!

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Mighty Saturn 5 (0)
This album came from nowhere...at times its slow and powerful, quick and jazzy at others, it is really something totally original.Perhaps the most overlooked thing about this incredible first Sabbath album is that while it was made on a shoe string budget($1200)and was done in 2 days, it has by far the cleanest recording done at that time(1969),for example look at the Beatles,the Who or the Rolling Stones in 69'-their albums sound accoustically dead when compared to the first Black Sabbath album. I play in a band with a rather large PA system, whenever this CD(album)is played I have to bring all the high frequencies way down-the clarity is stunning...not to mention the musical content itself,its also interesting to note Ozzy's voice was nearly baritone on certain songs of this album,which in my opinion has a much better quality to it when compared to later Sabbath albums and of course his solo crap.I must also pay respect to Terry Geezer Butlers playing on this and all Black Sabbath albums, he is by all rights more of a progressive bassist then a simple rock bassist and I think his energy and style are not easily duplicated...not to mention he wrote nearly all the old lyrics

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DemonRealm (0)
The first, the best.

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DeathRattle (1)
The sart of the hard rock genre begins here with this great album. Recorded in 12 hours an with a budget under $1000, Black Sabbath were able t create a clasic. Spooky horror stories, bad love relationships, and incredible riffs and beats is the formula that make your head bop and bang all over the pace.

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Besmirched (0)
The album that is widely credited with starting heavy metal. Not Sabbath's best album, but the raw power and emotion is hard to beat.

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Jimiseed (0)
This is a classic album! I listend to this tape all the time when I was in the 3rd grade! Love every thing about it! Great guitar work and The Wizzard and N.I.B. are 2 of my fav. B.S. songs. Damn good album!! Every metal head should own it!

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Flyingskull (0)
THE record, and we're talking analogic. For people my age it was THE clarion call to music with rocks in! Blood, meat, bones, music that was sound and movies and doors to another universe! That exclaimed, there were defects, but who cared? I was in a poky club when I first heard them play trhe thing and I still say Tony Iommi guitar wasn't great, but Ozzy's wails! And the athmosphere! And the power riffs. You could hear the voice of the future pulling the past with it. An amazing experience. Every time I put this thing on and trhere are teeenagers - it's 2001 now - around, they go crazy. As I did. No t many records do that. Damn few, if you ask me. So, one of the very best.

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This is a great start cd for Black Sabbath.

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