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Overall Rating:3.64 based on 111 ratings
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Spike65 (18)
Probably the best Bond film with Sean Connery. Robert Shaw was great as the Eastern-Block super killer.

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Limpin' Trenchfoot (18)
The best bond film along with Goldfinger. 'Red' Grant and Rosa Klebb are among the most memorable screen villains ever and the fight on the train and the knife-shoe scenes have become classics. The Bond babe is OK but not among the best.

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rapist (0)
Beast bond .Aliza gur was hot but who wouldve won between the two female fighters.

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VirileVagabond (38)
From Russia With Love was the second film in the James Bond series (released in 1963), and while the movie is enjoyable and introduces some additional elements that became staples for the franchise, Russia just is not as good as its predecessor Dr. No (1962), its immediate successor Goldfinger (1964), or many of the non-Bond films on this list. For starters, the music (ie the theme song) just does not hold up when compared to how the series developed. Call me sexist (of course the series is a bit sexist anyway), but the Bond theme songs work best with a female artist (with the notable exceptions of Thunderball, Live And Let Die, and A View To A Kill). Secondly, the film resurrects the same bad guys (SPECTRE) that was used in Dr. No. While I did not want Bond chasing the Russians every time out (during the Cold War), chasing SPECTRE agents for two consecutive films does not cut the mustard either. On the plus side, Q makes his first appearance, and Robert Shaw is one of the better talents to play a villain in the entire series. Unfortunately, Bond has little interaction with Shaw as the latter is mostly shadowing Bond throughout the film. Also on the plus side is Kerim Bey (Pedro Armendariz) who is Bond's contact in Istanbul. The part of Kerim was more animated and substantial than the role of Felix Leiter in any of the other films in the series.

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irishgit (158)
The best Bond movie ever. I think my mouth is too big. No, its the perfect size... for me.

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anglofyl (0)
One of 007's finest cinematic adventures ever. With a cast beyond compare and a straight-forward plot concerning the theft of a decoding machine, FRWL makes for fine action, drama, romance, and suspense. This is Sean Connery's Bond at his best.

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Tiffanywelles (0)
Daniela Bianchi is wonderful. I think Lotte Lenya bought her shows at Payless.

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The classic of the Bond films - romance, action, suspense, enough gadgetry, and a villinous Robert Shaw

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callmetootie (5)
From Russia With Love is just another James Bond flick where he fights the bad guys and has a bunch of women lined up to shag with him. It was ok. The soundtrack was pretty good, but it was kind of long and tiring, and the movie is kind of corny and outdated. The stuff that they are wearing in some of the scenes is extremly goofy and outdated.

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