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Wasted: A Memoir of Anorexia and Bulimia (Marya Hornbacher)Get Rating Widget!

Overall Rating:3.11 based on 9 ratings
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Reviews for Wasted: A Memoir of Anorexia and Bulimia (Marya Hornbacher)  1-5 OF 5

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Raven Among Doves (0)
This book is truly breathtaking. Marya writes in a way that reads like poetry. The descriptions, colors, and pain behind each and every word make this memoir impossible to tear your eyes from. I am ED-NOS, and found that I could relate to nearly EVERYTHING she said. The situation was different, but the torrents of guilt, the thought process, the desperation you constantly feel as your body wastes away in some attempt to proove it's own strength was all the same. I recommend this book to anyone, eating disordered or not. I have a feeling it will save lives.

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CarrieAnn (0)
I suffered from this problem. I was so skinny and bony and disgusting! I hated it. My years through middle school sucked. I cried every day. I hated life so much. I identify with Marya. It didn't help when I went to school, My teachers made snappy comments. Let's face it: Anorexia is a terrible, horrible, evil disorder. Teenagers get it the most. Our doctors need to do more. Our community needs to do more to help young girls.

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LadyShark4534 (12)
Anorexia is a terrible terible disease. This opened my eyes to the horror of what can happen. Imagine your body destroying itself. You lose your electrolytes and when you lie in bed, You lie on your bones. You have no fat left in your body to keep you warm. This shows the tragic reality of anorexia and the dire consequences.

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wallflower (0)
This is the autobiography about one woman's descent into a fourteen year batle with an eating disorder. Marya Hornbacher began throwing up when she was nine years-old and by the time she was nineteen had been hospitalized five times--once in a mental institution--and her weight had plummeted to 52 pounds; she was given one week to live. While this is clearly an unforgettable and well-researched book, it is also not without its fault. At times, Hornbacher's sarcastic prose is abrasive and irritating, at other times, she is gripping. This is a very polar book which will evoke a strong reaction from you whether you like it or not.

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ladybug77 (0)
This book really changed my life. It opened my eyes to eating disorders and my own weird food obsessions. I think every girl/woman should read this, because she will see herself in Marya and her actions. I never really though before about *how* I eat, meaning all the odd things that I do to food, or foods I won't eat (for whatever reason), or foods I eat obsessively. Marya's book takes us on a vivid journey down the spiral staircase into the pit of hell that it can be to be a woman today. It's brutally honest and will change the way you view the media, the mental health field, parenting, and women today.

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