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Overall Rating: 3.75 based on 190 ratings

Based on a story by Washington Irving and directed by Tim Burton. Starring Johnny Depp as Constable Ichabod Crane, Christina Ricci as Katrina Van Tassel, and Christopher Walkne as the Hessian. Constable Ichabod Crane believes in science to solve crimes. His knowledge and tools are put to the test trying to solve the grisly murders in Sleepy Hallow.

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Jeremy00081 (5)
This movie is very entertaing for some reason. It's not very scary, but it's fun. 3
dragonx187 (0)
Hmmm. I don't think I would consider this horror.Although it is much darker than most sleepy hollow movies, I just can't see johnny depp as scary. Hmmm. Decent movie all in all but not scary.0
Blue Orchid (45)
It had its boring moments but it's a pretty good movie. Johnny Depp did a splendid job.3
Djahuti (57)
Pretty lame,in fact it put ME to sleep.0
echoscot (12)
Good sets, but they showed too much. The real fear lies in not knowing what's out there. That is what scares me most. The unknown. They told you too much too early and showed too much. It became tedious after that.2
GenghisTheHun (155)
It was a good movie and worth seeing. I always hate to see a classic tale modified almost out of existence. The names were the same at least.2
ShyNamaste (0)
Good movie, I would Not put it under horror though. 0
Dirty Harry (1)
The only part of this one that was scary was when the old dude at the beginning was riding through the corn field in his stage coach. The atmosphere in this scene was pretty good, but the rest of the movie was just so-so. Just putting big names in a movie doesn't cut it.1
Ellie 4 JD, RW n GV! (0)
It is a horror and it has Johnny Depp in it! What more can you ask for in a film! I mean hes just the KING of films. He aint just a hunk but hes great at acting too! Christina Ricci is alright in it (bitch!) abd I love Johnny Depp's glasses/goggle things!1
WithThePenguin (0)
headless guy runs around killing people and creating madness and mayhem in local town... great family movie.0
freebird_0128 (5)
While not scary or suspenseful per se, it definitely is enjoyable to watch. Its quite gory but not uselessly so. Johnny Depp, as always, gives a fantastic peformance. I'm not a big fan of Christina Ricci but this was tolerable. A good take on a frequently told tale.0
Redoedo (42)
I found "Sleepy Hollow" to be surprisingly good. Tim Burton has done it again- he has managed to take a so/so script and a so/so cast and save the film with breathtaking special effects. Johnny Depp gave a tolerable performance as Ichabod Crane, but nothing really special. I just could not take him seriously because to me, he was not suited for the role. Christina Ricci stole the show with her performance as Ichabod Crane's love interest. I found this movie to be very, very suspenseful and at some points, genuinely scary. I can remember the only part that made me jump is when the kid was hiding under the floorboards and the Headless Horseman's hand suddenly breaks through the floor. Considering that the Horseman appeared to be leaving before that, I really was not expecting that. All in all, I found this movie to be very well done and I do not regret seeing it. Reccomended! 3
gummocatkilla (0)
One of the best? No way. 2
Sleepy Hollow was a much better movie than I had predicted. The movie itself was not scary at all, but did have some tense moments. Some scenes were freaky and bizarre. 0
I saw it in theatre. Its not half bad. Its a must see. 1
lukskywlkr. (3)
Little bit on the overpolished side, but I got a real kick out of this movie. Some really creepy moments. 0
Errol (5)
It relied too much on special effects. 6
joeAwaz (0)
Not too bad, not too bad at all! Probably average for Tim Burton, the modern-day equivelant to Tod Browning. I like how it had the feel and the atmosphere of the best Universal horror movies, particularly Frankenstein. Depp gives a decent performance while Richi slides into her role perfectly. As I said before, not bad at all. 0
Thorne (3)
Alot of people have given this film a bad rap. This is by no means one of Tim Burton's best films but is not his worst. Well, now that I think about it, he has done better. I still think this is a very fun and campy take on the Washington Irving classic tale. I am just glad Burton was the first to turn this tale into a live action film. Could you imagine this film if it had been tackled by a run of the mill horror director? Wes Craven presents? Or John Carpenter's? All the actor's which include many Burton alumni like Johnny Depp and Christopher Walken as well as some new faces to Burton's art like Miranda Richardson and Chritina Ricci whom I felt was the weakest point of this film. I hear Depp getting alot of slack for his portrayl of the bumbling Ichabod Crane but in my opinion Depp provided this character with just the right amount of campy humor to break the dark and gory over tone of what would otherwise be a run of the mill horror turd. This is a Burton movie and when tackling even the most seriouse of subject he always likes to add camp and comedy so it won't be dull like the usual blah horror cliche dialouge. Burton is a master artist he has a great visual style and a great nack for story telling. He has done alot better in the past, but we all have experiment a little to find out what is our best port. Depp has done much worse. You ever see Crybaby? Anyway, this film is worth checking out if you are a true Burton fan and understand his vision. If not you might not like it because it is not the normal genre entry and Johnny Depp might annoy the F*CK out of you. love you jess. 3
glorybox3 (0)
ooooohhhhh nnnooooo. You just did not put this piece of trash before the Omen..or even the freaking Lost Boys, for that matter. Johnny Depp's acting was horrendous and campy (even when one considers that he pretty much did everything with his part that he could.)and it seemed almost as painful for him to say those bland, terrible lines as it was for me to listen to them. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is a horse beaten to death..why can't we just let it rest in peace? What really rubs me the wrong way,though, is that Tim Burton directed this film. You don't make a masterpiece like the Nightmare Before Christmas and then do..whatever the hell this was. If you want to fully experience said tale then read the book by Washington Irving. Please don't see this movie Oh, and Christopher, honey... why? no, really, why would you do that to yourself?... 3
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