Egon Mayer (102 kills)

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Egon Mayer (102 kills) 3

and i forgot ,he also gave a robert johnson, a chance to live in 1943, johnsons tbolt was damaged by some german flyers, jonhson then went home damaged,then a blue nosed fw190. shot at him then past him then johnson thought he had had it but no,egon mayer circled the tbolt , 3 times and shook his head in disbelif that was one tough plane to shoot down,mayer waved to johnson, and johnson too waved then mayer waggled is wings then went away.

true, gary

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Egon Mayer (102 kills) 5

Egon Mayer was a GREAT fighter pilot. First to get 100 victories against English/US on Channel Front. Pioneered head on attacks against B-17's and 24's - the most effective attack mode. KIA on 2 March, 1944 by a 355FG P-47 shooting a long range, high deflection shot blowing off his left wing. Regards, Bill Marshall

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