Added on 12/01/2003
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Telocity 4

It's a rocket compared to my former 36.6K connection. I average around 800K and have opted for the extra 9.95/mo package that let's me connect up to 4 computers to the internet at once. I have never had interruption of service, but much of the US was down for several days due to the nose dive of one of the providers for telocity. My DSL service is SDSL which means I have another pair of telephone wires over which my service comes. (ADSL gives you internet and telephone over a single pair of wires). Service was installed within six weeks, five of which were waiting for Ameritech to install DSL to the house. Installation and the router are free. (You need to save the packaging as you need to send the router, etc., back when you discontinue the service. Don't expect to get "Telocity" service as they've been bought out by DirecTVinternet, but my service hasn't been interrupted or degraded as a result.

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Telocity 1

Much of the time they are down. They also can never tell you when they will be back on line. It took nearly 6 months to establish service. They claim there is no charge for the equipment or the sign on and turn around and charge you for both. Awful company.

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