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Frasier: The Final Season (Netflix)$4.99
Frasier: Season 5 (Netflix)$4.99
Frasier: The Final Season (Netflix)$4.99
Frasier: Season 4 (Netflix)$4.99
Frasier: The Final Season (Netflix)$4.99
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Overall Rating: 3.86 based on 77 ratings

A Jack Russell terrier, played by Moose, on the TV series, Fraiser.

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XAgent (18)
Did he even do anything?2
trebon1038 (55)
I like Eddie and JRTs in general. My problem with successful dogs in movies and tv is that it increases the popularity of the breed and every Tom, Dick, & Harry starts breeding them. JRT are awsome intellegent dogs but they are terriers and not for everyone. Moose, the dog that plays Eddie is a cool dog in his own right. His son starred in "My Dog Skip" and moose had a cameo as the dog that they made look like he was driving the pickup. Very cool.2
HelloKitty06 (37)
Stole the show from Kelsey Grammer. 0
dorianblue (0)
Unloveable and slightly devious, this dog has character. Best TV pet ever.0
Da Minx (0)
What a little character he is. Has more acting ability than most of the cast.1
darick (3)
Talented for a dog. I know Jack Russel's aren't dumb or anything, but no Jack Russel can stare at Frasier (or someone) as well as Eddie can. 0
gopman79 (2)
One of the most disciplined TV/Movie animal in the history of television. He has been superbly trained, and he is one of the most lovable dogs too. If you can turn a Jack Russell Terrier into this, someone deserves a world of credit. 0
observer (0)
What a cutie! Eddie is the reason I tuned in and I really enjoy the show. I read somewhere that Eddie receives more fan mail than Frasier! 2
crimson_and_clover (0)
eddie is so adorable. i would love to have a dog like him. 2
ChunkyLover53 (0)
Eddie is one of my favorite TV dogs. He steals every scene of Frasier that he is in. 3
Jason1972 (3)
I'm not a big fan of toy dogs but Eddie works in the show, plus Jack Russells are pretty smart dogs. 3
lukskywlkr. (3)
I think Eddie would make anybody a great dog. Except for maybe Frasier. heh heh. Anyway, I would give him a good home. He's smart and even gets a lot of laughs without saying anything. 3
ClassicTVFan47 (38)
This dog is great and does lots of great tricks and other stuff on what is currently my favorite modern sitcom! Very cute too. 1
potch1214 (0)
Plain and simple, you gotta love Eddie! I have watched Frasier since day one, and I always take delight in the bits with Eddie in them. 3
MedgarEvers (13)
I was watching "To Tell the Truth" today, and the three people claimed to be a French animal trainer, and ironically, the trainer of Moose, a.k.a. Eddie and Skip. Eddie's great and such a nice touch to "Frasier." 1
Snoopy (3)
Eddie is one cool dog. I find Frasier to be extremely over-rated and annoying though. 3
Sockses (0)
great great great great great and ahh so sweeet! 1
CastleBee (82)
Eddie is adorable and very well trained. From my experience, Jack Russell's are great little dogs but they DO NOT act that way naturally. Eddie's charisma is no doubt one of the reasons Frasier caught on so fast when it first started. I know I used to tune in in large part to see what Eddie would do next. My love for the show as a whole came later. 7
Teaseress (12)
Truly an actor that brings panache to the show. There's a really good relationship going on with Eddie and all the characters, particularly Fraiser. Always makes me laugh! 3
swan1763et (0)
A great Actor!1
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