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Overall Rating: 2.75 based on 32 ratings

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Stonebridge (0)
If you have a good source to begin with, add a filter system you'll not only have good water to drink but you'll be saving oil and land-fill space.
Just imagine if everyone who buys bottled water did this!
lucy2 (5)
It's convenient and clean but I hate the idea of paying for something that is free so I'll stick with Pepsi3
Jed1000 (72)
Sure, why not? Think of all the landfill just begging for more plastic.9
phpgurru (1)
I think Tap water is better than the bottled water if you have a proper filtration system installed.4
GoinDownSlow (21)
The canned compressed air of liquids.3
mylastduchess (0)
This is somewhat of an indulgence. It's portable, and tastes crisper than straight from the tap or a water filter. I suppose water is water, but my tap water tastes nasty!! So bottled water is handy.2
Kairho (11)
Bottled water? What's the provenance of this tradition?2
kolby1973 (28)
Bottled water, especially Evian, is great! But as far as a New Year's Eve necessity, I know very few people that will be partying with a liter of Evian this year....1
abichara (56)
If you don't like to drink, hey, whatever rocks your boat. Sure, this would be something good to have if you followed up with that Y2K crap a couple of years ago. 0
Potch1214 (0)
For what, baptising someone? Bottled water, for the new age, nouveau New Year? Come on people. LIVE a little. Even my recovering friends will have at least have soda. Bottled water. Puh-lease! 1
mart415om (0)
Just relax, and enjoy this "just like any other" New Year's Eve.1
Munson (7)
I'm certainly not one of those Y2K freaks, but having extra water is an easy precaution. Particularly since the water companies are apparently the least Y2K ready. It will also come in handy to nurse the hangover.0
Shafty (2)
What does this have to do with the price of apples?0
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