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It's a Wonderful LifeGet Rating Widget!

Overall Rating: 4.28 based on 101 ratings

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classicmom (0)
It Just isn't christmas until I see this movie.3
Sundiszno (31)
No doubt about it, this movie is an enduring classic. I have to admit, though,that I've seen it so many times now that I'm a bit overdosed on it andtend to view it only occasionally when it's offered on TV.4
louiethe20th (64)
Not only the best Holiday movie, but one of the Top 5 movies of all time!0
Jason1972 (3)
I cannot believe this movie is not number one. This movie has held up tremendously well. 3
Molfan (51)
Great movie. James Stewart is terrific as George Bailey.the good hearted unselfish man who spent his entire life giving up his own dreams to be there for other people.In his mid thirties he hits a crossroad in his life where he feels like a failure and is ready to commit suicide. As he is ready to throw himself in a freezing river, Clarence the angel comes down. He shows George what like would have been like if he had never been born. George gets to find out that he did make a big differnce in so many peoples lives. At the very end of the movie he wants to live and comes to realize how many friends he has and care about him. A real heartwarming story. I always get a bit choked up the the final scene of the movie. 5
BT81 (0)
Before watching this I had the same mis-conceptions as everyone else about films from this golden age and especially this festive flick. The film fortunately put such doubts to rest. Many will argue it is too sentimental, while partly true, such scenes are handled with the utmost care and NEVER feel corny. Being from this current generation of cynical drones, this film to me, was a revelation. Capra fills each scene with such aplomb that one cannot help but feel slightly moved. The film has the perfect cast especially the immortal Jimmy Stewart and the ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS Donna Reed (underrated, underrated). While labelled as a feel good christmas movie, such a label is disrespectful. The film encompasses a variety of values and emotions, from family, faith, hope, love, aspirations, despair to many others. Although it is a universal film and there are some lighthearted scenes, there are also long periods of darkness and depression (exploiting the talent of Stewart perfectly). If this is a happy, festive film, then it is the most depressing one I have ever seen. Every scene is excellently realised by a director at the pinacle of his craft and furnished with layers of detail and feeling. The film is also complemented by the best cast ever assembled (yep beating all others I think in my opinion). Every performance is refreshing and unlike 99% of all other golden age films (where acting is wooden and dated), the acting and dialogue is wonderfully accomplished and refreshing and has not dated in the least. Many polls do not consider this to be the greatest film ever after all it has to be something 'cool' something for the 'twenty something generation', something like the Godfather or Pulp Fiction. It effortless surpasses my previous favourites: Shawshank Redemption, Magnolia, Truman Show, Se7en and Memento. These films while excellent do not touch me personally in the same way as It's a Wonderful Life. They do not ignite that sense of joy and 'magic'. This is cinematic utopia, a film which breaks free from the boundaries of motion entertainment and into the realms of that little red beating muscle in your chest. And it feels nice. 3
Potch1214 (0)
I only discovered Frank Capra's masterpiece a few years ago (my mom is a devotee of The Bells Of St. Mary's) thanks to my wife. WHAT A MOVIE! The ending is enough to make even the manliest man tear up. Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed are perfect as George and Mary Bailey. Highly recommended for anyone who might be depressed around Christmas time. A classic! Best scene: George running through the street yelling "Merry Christmas" to everyone and everything. 1
afterglow70 (0)
This movie could be used not only at Christmas, but at anytime of the year. It has a point to make and to me, everyone can learn from this movie. 1
Spiralingmarce (0)
I don't know anyone who isn't pretty sick of seeing this movie on network TV every year. It's a good story, yes, but they really need to quit showing it year after year. Give people a chance to WANT to see it. 0
angel859500 (0)
I thought this was a well done picture with amazing dramatic scope. I highly recommend it!6
flai4749om (0)
Every Christmas season I would tell myself that I should finally see "It's a Wonderful Life." I am in my 30s and had never before seen this classic holiday movie. Well, last year I finally got to witness this "it-wouldn't-be-Christmas-without-it" picture. Odd thing is I walked away thinking the film is just okay. Unfortunately, I found this "classic" to be terribly overrated. And sadly, I can't see myself ever sitting through it again.2
PoorOldEdgarDerby (4)
Wouldn't be Christmas if I didn't see It's a Wonderful Life. The terrible thing is that since Turner bought the rights to it you can only catch it once every year and if you miss it you miss it. I remember when you could catch it on at least one station at just about any time of day for about a 3 day span over the Christmas holiday. That was a little ridiculous but so is showing it just once. Come on Ted loosen up the reins a little will ya!!7
chel3020et (0)
teaches a deeper meaning of life3
thel2104et (0)
The absolute best Christmas movie of all time, hands (wings?) down. Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed shine with a patina that today's movie stars only dream about. Good acting, a sweet story and a moral that makes all but the most Potteresque warm with the holiday spirit.3
[email protected] (0)
this is a great reminder of how all our lives are intertwined and how we touch so many lives and don't enev know it.2
Momm2503om (0)
This is MY all time favorite movie.It has withstood the test of time.2
Shafty (2)
I watched this for the first time last year and I thought it was a nice story - i was not blown away and do not think it is the best movie ever made.1
SamIAm (4)
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