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I believe he legitimately wants to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan. While he's not calling for a full withdrawal from Afghanistan like that of Ron Paul I still feel it's a better stance than saying, "I'm going to listen to the generals on the ground as to what we should do" for everything. Because for one thing, you don't know what agenda a general may have as to why they want to keep boots on the ground and secondly as Commander-in-Chief, we need a leader willing to make bold decisions not someone who is going to cave just because some war monger general wants to keep the war effort going.

There's a reason why Ron Paul receives so many military donations. They're ready to come home and so is the American public for the most part.

I like Huntsman's stance on China. As much debt as we owe to China and as much counterfeit paper money that our Federal Reserve Bank prints every single day, we're in no position to be calling China a "currency manipulator". While it may sound like a firm thing to say as a political candidate (Mitt Romney), I just think it's very naive and ironic to think that calling China a currency manipulator is the right thing to do when we already owe so much money to China and we're the ones manipulating currency ourselves with the printing press. Just empty rhetoric on Romney's part but then again, that's nothing new for him.

Glad Huntsman also realizes how inhumane waterboarding is in terms of getting information from potential enemies. We wouldn't like if it was happening to our troops then why should it be okay for us to do it others. Not to mention, there's no proof that torture gets effective information from suspects. If anything, I suspect it'll just cause people to say whatever the torturer wants to hear after awhile.

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Jon Huntsman 1

He wants to be the first Jewish President. All I have heard him say about things is "I don't care".

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He was defeated in the straw poll 77-69 by Gary Busey. (Credit to The Daily Show again)

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Guy D

Jon Huntsman 1

"Civility" What??!! I thought he was a politician? This clown is gonna get eaten alive. He'll have some "Moderate" appeal but his campaign is without a base, primarily because of some flip flopping positions he's taken on the Global Warming fraud and a couple of other issues.

He's just another example for why I dislike the republican party.

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Jon Huntsman 4

Reportedly Obama feared Huntsman as a political opponent. So Obama made him an offer he couldn't refuse. He appointed him as Ambassador to China.

That seems to be how he deals with potential threats: rather than fight them directly, he incorporates them. Or sends them halfway around the world. Look at Hillary Clinton for another example. Although in her case, she's managed to develop an independent power base within the State Department, which makes Obama loyalists like Valerie Jarrett rather leery.

The former Governor of Utah, Huntsman is bright and has strong Presidential ambitions. No one will mistake him for a liberal, but he's much less extreme and more practical than Huckabee, Palin and other contenders. I certainly think he would be very competitive in a national race, which ought to concern Obama.

UPDATE: Obama's political team might be looking over their shoulders. Huntsman has resigned from his post as Ambassador to China. He's establishing a Political Action Committee, which is the first step towards declaring a Presidential candidacy. This allows him to raise money and gauge political support in anticipation of a final decision to run.

I still think he can be a formidable candidate, and given that there's no real frontrunner for the GOP primary, Huntsman is certain one of the second tier guys who could rise quickly once the primary season gets going. The big question is fundraising ability, but I suspect he'll do well.

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Jon Huntsman 1

No doubt that this guy is a republican. He comes from a very wealthy family so naturally he would oppose any tax increases, cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans, cut government services to the bone, and put millions of people out of work. All I see is more of the same failed policies that have driven America to the brink of another great depression. By the time he through, along with his rich business associations, and the GOP cronies...the remaining working population in this country will sport black pantsuits, work 12-hour days, make $2 bucks a day, have zero benefits, never own a home, and ride bicycles to work like the Chinese. On another note...I doubt that Americans want a cult member errr umm I mean Mormon for president.

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Jon Huntsman 5

I have met Gov. Huntsman many times he is so wonderful as is his wife. He works hard to make sure the people in his state are well taken care of. He is honest and he really cares about the people! During these ugly economic times he has been able to keep his state well budgeted due to smart decisions. Many states are "forced" to let the schools suffer Utah schools are being well taken care. He did his innogeration on the front steps of the capitol in the snow because it would save the state alot of money. Its the little things he notices that can be gone without so that we can take care of the things that are really needed. He is also very involved with any volunteer work being sone in his state while I was working on a volunteer project and he was there to help out anyway he could. Also my husband is in the military and when his unit was deploying he was there to say goodbye to the troop and after then were on the plane he spend alot of time talking to the familys who were still standing there and thanking them and letting them know how much he appreciates what they and their soldiers are doing. I know some of you dont agree with the war but this meens alot to those soldiers and their familys to know that he cares about them and is thankful for their service. Gov. Huntsman would be a GREAT canidate for 2012!

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