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David (Los Angeles)

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About David (Los Angeles)
David was a member of the Los Angeles cast. 
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David (Los Angeles)
  Current Rating: (2.15)  
  # of Ratings: 41      
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1. rbivens (0) , on 11/6/2004 8:30:00 PM, said:

David was easily one of the top 3 funniest people in Real World history.

Some of his funniest lines:

That's why you got all those hairy ass pimples on your face, cos you deserve 'em!

- Said to Beth during an argument

Mind if I hang up a Confederate flag?

- Mocking John in a faux southern accent.


  (0 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
2. alpepper (16) , on 9/15/2004 10:13:00 AM, said:

Ties with Puck and Steve from Seattle as Real World's biggest sociopath.
  (1 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
3. consumerwhiz (0) , on 6/16/2004 4:21:00 PM, said:

David was a total asshole on the show then and he's one now and if he doesn't like what I have to say, let him come kick my ass which he won't be able to do!!!!!!!!!
  (1 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
4. iamcornholio (0) , on 6/13/2003 8:07:00 PM, said:

what a punk
  (0 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
5. bluelover1 (0) , on 2/27/2003 5:59:00 PM, said:

I think David got a raw deal.....but as a comedian he is REALLY funny!!
  (0 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
6. RDW1299 (0) , on 1/27/2003 11:02:00 PM, said:

A convicted rapist that deserves to be in jail. Puck spit in his face on one of the subsequent challenge shows, and this punk didn't do a damn thing about it. LOSER.
  (2 people found this comment helpful, 2 did not)
7. flai6201om (0) , on 5/25/2000 6:50:00 PM, said:

what a thug
  (1 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
8. Munson (8) , on 5/24/2000 4:23:00 PM, said:

Sure, he didn't deserve to be thrown out of the house. But, it was the best thing that ever happened to see the season. He was a comedian who wasn't all that funny or compelling. His replacement, Glen, was a complete idiot, but you could always count on him to say or do something entertaining.
  (0 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
9. Shafty (0) , on 5/22/2000 12:34:00 PM, said:

He really got a raw deal when he was booted out of the house. It is pretty apparent looking back that he did not deserve to be treated the way he was, but he took it in stride. Tammy the biyatch really blew that incident out of proportion. David really busted on JJohn a lot, hilarious stuff.
  (0 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
David (Los Angeles): Showing comments 1-9 of 9

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