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Overall Rating: 3.52 based on 62 ratings
Great Danes are very large dogs (100-130 lbs.) classified as Working Dogs. Great Danes descended from Mastiffs, a breed found in Europe and Asia for thousands of years. (Add picture)

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oliver1995 (0)
Gentle, clumsy and loving. The only downside is that they leave us too soon.
objectivereview (1)
big clumsy, lovable, sweety pies:)...if your gonna get one you might as well get two...they look so sophisticated walking as pair.
Great danes are ENORMOUS and they dont know it! Very handsome dogs, sweet and friendly and they are fab gaurd dogs. The downsides are that they drool alot and they are clumsy and greedy. Be prepared to go on lots of walkies! Great dogs though.
Boxers'n'Danes (1)
I love these dogs! I grew up a total cat person, and my first ever dog was a 160lbs black Dane - a sweetheart through and through! Call me partial, but they are one of the best breeds out there. That being said, there are some things you have to consider: First, they eat a lot. Duh, I know, but along with that you have to buy QUALITY food, or you're setting yourself up for a dog with problems. Second: PLEASE TRAIN YOUR DANE! They truly do not know their size, and they can seriously injure you just by greeting you at the door. You have to teach your dog manners, no matter what size, but for Danes it is extremely important that you take the time to socialize and train them. Don't EVER allow behaviour from a pup that you wouldn't want from a horse. I have to say here that I have 2 kids, 3 and 1 in age, and my Dane is wonderful with them. Just imagine leaving your baby with a rambuncious 5 year old boy, and you'll understand why you have to supervise kids and Danes together. Once again, they don't know their size, and they do think everything is a game. Third, do some research into the dog you're buying. American bred Danes have dramatically shortened life spans and a myriad of health problems. Reputable breeders will provide not only a pedigree, but any and all health testing done on dogs in their blood lines. Many great breeders are incorporating top european lines to improve the dogs' health. Fourth: Listen to your breeder! If you have done your homework on picking a breeder, you can trust them to know what is best for your dog. Don't go running to your vet (unless he/she has extensive knowledge on this great breed) and throw everything your breeder told you out the window. Stick to his/her recommendation on food, supplements, exercise and training. Do your homework, don't rush to buy the first cute puppy that crosses your path, and be a responsible owner, and you will be rewarded with a gentle giant that will prefer long walks or hikes and lounging at your feet (or on your lap, if you allow it) to running through the house knocking over anybody and anything, chewing on your furniture and kids alike. BTW, I live in an apartment on 750 sqft, and my Dane fits right in. That's what walks are for!!!
mystic mango (0)
These are great dogs. Big, smart, and very loyal. That's my kind of pup!
mydogruby (0)
ya gotta love em
lovely animal, loyal and smart i love big dogs. plus a great danen has short hair, so it can leave better anywhere..they are so sweet
irishgit (121)
Buy a pickup to haul the dogfood home, and set up a trust account to feed the bugger. Other than that, a pretty nice dog.
StanUzbeck (14)
Scooby Dooby Doo!!!! These are massive dogs that think they are lapdogs. They will jump all over you and attempt to share your chair with you. But it's all good, it just means that they are extremely affectionate and lovable, if clumsily so. A problem these dogs have is that their heart is a little too small for their body, so any kind of extended physical exertion may result in them dropping stone dead on the sidewalk. Great dogs to have around, but may accidentally knock over and injure small children (quite indeliberately) so be careful.
liljanice916 (0)
Nice dogs, but too big and seem to require too much space and time
thimpkins (0)
I have a Great Dane, and she is the best dog that I have ever had. As long as you have the space for them...they are definately worth it and are just great dogs.
afterglow70 (0)
They eat a lot but from what I have seen of my freinds Great Dane, she is sweet. But then again, I had another friend that has a one year old son that was dragged by the head 50 ft. Hmmmm.. unpredictable you could say.
3Weims (0)
Wonderful dogs--a bit on the goofy side, but their fabulous personalities and loveableness (is this a word?!) more than make up for it.
mandie2000 (0)
Great danes are a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. They don't know their own size. Even though they are so big they are still good with kids and loving.
help me (0)
so f*ckin big! but they're sweet and playful despite the size
Great Dane's are great. Great Dane's are too dogs as the Excursion is too SUV's.
addicted (0)
wow they're so big and handsome. they're pretty good natured and once they're trained you've got an AWESOME dog!
finlore (0)
My parents had a Great Dane not long after I left home and, a number of years later, my sister had one as well. Judging by those two dogs, this is a wonderful breed! Despite their size, the two I knew thought they were lap dogs. Ours were happiest sitting in your lap with front legs on the floor . . . or curled into a surprisingly small ball so you wouldn't notice she was on forbidden ground next to the chesterfield on the living room carpet . . . or right at your heels as you went about the house keeping up with daily chores. Although I'm a cat person by choice, I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for Great Danes. Their hearts and spirits are huge enough to match their physical size.
CastleBee (80)
I like these dogs – though I’ve only been fortunate enough to meet a couple in my life. Both times they impressed me as gentle giants. The first time was when I was about 12 years old and one just seemed to appear at my back fence early one morning when I was out in my back yard. I can still see him standing there - a beautiful fawn colored male with black markings around his nose – very striking. I’d never even seen a dog that size and so I was slightly wary – but never really scared. He just looked at me for a few minutes and then moved on. The second time was years later when I was taking my Cardigan Welsh corgi Casey to obedience school. Well, I really love corgis and one of their endearing and occasionally slightly annoying traits is that they think they are big dogs in short bodies. I think in reality that they’re just trying to cover up any fear of the unknown they may have by getting the first round of barks in. So, as we all walked our dogs around in a circle for leash training, Casey suddenly stopped, turned and started barking obnoxiously at this young but huge Great Dane behind us. This dog could have easily wiped the floor up with Casey (who was short enough to walk under him without even touching the tips of his ears to the Dane’s belly). Instead the noble Dane just looked down at him calmly as if to say – what IS your problem short guy? When you’re as big as that I guess you just don’t have to be aggressive to get by.
gamebred_pit_bull (0)
Sweet, loving giants with the nobility and majesty of a king. These are wonderful dogs and truly are gentle giants.
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