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Alaskan MalamuteGet Rating Widget!

Overall Rating:3.48 based on 56 ratings
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Alaskan Malamutes are large dogs (75-85 lbs.) classified as Working Dogs The breed was used by the Inuits over 1,000 years ago for pulling sleds and traveling long distances in freezing weather. (Add picture)

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MrTuner (6)
They are very loyal but tend to be on the aggressive side. Love them though.

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GenghisTheHun (177)
Sled dog but not really a good family pet. This might be a good anti-dingo guard in the right area.

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LadyJesusFan777 (39)
Absolutely beautiful animal.

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GoinDownSlow (28)
This dog is sometimes confused with a husky, though if you've seen the two breeds before you can pretty easily tell them apart. Had two, at different times, and both had their mean streaks. Didn't take well to strangers. More aloof than nasty most of the time, but would let you know who's the boss if you got a little too close. Tend to be yappy, with, usually, a low moan, but can howl with the best of wolfs when they get excited. Both of mine loved to dig holes in the yard to stay cool. Not a good thing...

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npblueyedblondie (0)
My parents own a 2 year old mal, and he is the best dog ever. He is funny, mostly obedient, playful and just a joy to have. I have as a child, had another mal, and he was the most loyal and great dog ever. His bark actually scared away an intruder in a bad neighborhood I used to live in. Overall, a great breed, great with kids, a little overprotective, but its part of their charm!

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susumania (0)
We got Kieva from the pound when she was about two. Strong willed and independent...not easily trained but excellent basic personality. Knows if she does not have a leash on, I cannot enforce a command and it is therefore optional in her mind. Tests limits continually. Loving, loyal, playful, energetic and will pull anything (has broken two chains meant for a dog twice her size).

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i've heard these dogs are very independent...dont know cos i never had one, but i like their look and they are for sure very smart also like every dog this size

  (1 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
Stoneage (0)
Great dogs. But they tend to jump around a bit when they get excited(a 100 pount dog jumping around waving it's tail back and forth at 200 mph...). Even though they rare to bite someone, a paw in the face of a young kid could still be a danger.

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Snoopy (5)
I've never owned one, but I do think they're very beautiful dogs.

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cxt7 (0)
I got a malamute two weeks after my son was born, She was very loyal to him but one day she decided to bite him and give him two stitches then come after me....I had to put her to sleep.

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