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Overall Rating: 3.00 based on 66 ratings

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GenghisTheHun (155)
Run Survivor in lieu of Katie Couric when she starts on The CBS Evening News.2
VisionDude8 (0)
Yes! They should follow in the footsteps of Big Brother and all the Pop Idol shows. Let's face it, 45 minutes just isn't enough to cover 3 days worth of suspense, is it?0
jgls (5)
how about we don't air it at all?2
Jason1972 (3)
There's too many other good shows to contend with during the week to pull a stunt like that. 1
faniam (0)
Would like it twice a week--one show like we have now with the challenges and voting. One show letting us view more of thier surviring skills and daily living. 0
LoneUSFullHouseFan (3)
I used to say that they edit, but what they show happened. I still think that is true, but I do believe there are some things they don't tell us. Airing the show more than once a week would make it more difficult to edit, and we would get a chance to see what really goes on out there. If they could somehow figure out a way for them to broadcast live online, that would be perfect (of course, watch them charge an arm and a leg for it). 2
Ninja_Squirrel (0)
Once a week is enough. The seasons are already shorter than those of most TV shows. If it aired twice a week, a season would be over in a month-and-a-half. 0
benfergy (0)
A good idea. However I don't think each episode should be the same way it is now; with two challenges and a vote everytime. I think maybe air a special episode that would just focus on what the tribes are doing strategically, considering that it would give some contestants more air time. 1
ezinma (0)
Instead of airing full episodes, they should show the unedited footages from Mondays to Wednesday but maintain the regular edited episodes on Thursday. It's like putting stuff that happened on Day 1 on Monday, on Day 2 the Tuesday slot, Day 3, Thursday Slot. Main Drama, Challenges and Tribal Council reserved for the Thursday slot. If this schedule gets too boring, they could make short action cuts of the show, and use it for preview. But they're not going to show it in the show anyway. *shrug* 0
brookeg (0)
I think that if that they reaired the episode of the week on Mon. or Tues. - it would be better for people like me who love Survivor but have to work on Thurs. to afford to go to school. 1
Icegrrl (0)
Airing Survivor on perhaps, Monday and Thursday would be great. Mondays could be more day to day footage exploring how the contestants interact, with Thursdays for the challenges and Tribal Council. 2
metalmario (0)
5-Great!!!!! !!!!!11
Jeff24242424 (0)
NO WAY!!!!! Then I couldn't Watch Every Episode0
Zarbon (0)
Hey, if they air the show too often it'd just get BORING!!!!! I hate waiting all week for the next episode but that's just what CBS wants you to do! Wait! bye-bye now, Jeremy is the ultimate survivor!!!!!2
hellorate (0)
once a week is not enough please make it more.1
kmalmquist (0)
It should be aired every day!0
jimbob (0)
air the show every day and constantly keep people up to date1
kevi9896om (0)
If there is enough content (like allof the big fights that were excluded from Survivor I near the end), then SURE gimme more shows !!!1
Shafty (2)
This would be a bad move for the show. It is already going to be hard to come up with unique challenges and twists to keep viewers interested. The viewing public will expect something new and different all of the time. I truly believe that this is one of the key reasons that 'Cop Rock' ever went off the air.2
Munson (7)
I think it would be a great idea to re-air Wednesday night's episode again on another night. It would be low cost programming for CBS and afford people the opportunity to see the episode again or to catch it if they have missed it. On the other hand, I do not think that they should air multiple original episodes.3
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