Final Fantasy VII

After accepting a mission offered by Avalanche, a rebellious organization created to overthrow the Shinra ...
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Final Fantasy VII 5

  Many have agreed this being the best of the FF series. In fact, for all of the FF I have played so far, none would get a rating less than 5-star from me. FF VII is a bit lacking on the story department in my opinion, but many of the JRPGs all fall into this generic save-the-world plot. FF VII however, has a cast of very likable characters, except for the hero of the game Cloud, who was distant, cold, mentally ill and annoyed me even whene he rarely spoke.

Graphics: 4

Characters: 5

Storyline: 3

Battle system: 5

Overal gameplay: 5

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Final Fantasy VII 5

A dramatic and epic SquareSoft RPG.  It took about a month of playing to beat this expansive game which had terrific artwork and an interesting manna system for equipping magic.  Probably the high water mark for the Final Fantasy series.

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