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Donkey Kong Country 5

I bought this game for the Super Nintendo in 1994. It's a great game. You play as Diddy and Donkey kong. You must fight enemies while collecting bananas. Collecting 100 bananas earns you an extra life. Collecting balloons also earns extra lives.
You must fight several bosses. A gopher, a giant bird, a bee, etc. Some bosses have to be attacked three times to be killed. Others require five attacks to be killed.
Both Donkey and Diddy Kong are on the screen at the same time. When Donkey Kong gets wounded, he runs off the screen and you must start playing as Diddy. If Diddy gets wounded, you die.
The pros of this game are the graphics and the length of the game. This is a 16 bit game but it looks like it's 32 bit. The cons are that it's very similar to Super Mario Bros. and Sonic the hedgehog. You kill enemies by jumping on top of them. Those Super Mario and Sonic games were great. But there have been so many of this style of games that it gets old and cliche.
A person said that this game should've been shorter and harder. I did not agree with this. When I pay $50-$65 for a game, I want it to be long. It's true that the beginning of this game is very easy. But it gets harder as the game progresses. Near the end, it gets very hard. I give DKC a 5 star rating.

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Donkey Kong Country 5

I like Donkey kong country It is fun and laughable
this are my favorite baddies
Nicky these are normal version of a vulture
little nicky throws rocks
Kritter Pet the kritter pet the kritter snap
slippa stupid snake
Zinger I hate these guys throw a barrel at them
Red version of gnawty in a wooden large wheel
rock throwin necky
army these are annoying armodillos throw barrel at them or jump on them
manky kong
Mini choppy
and these are the helpers
enguarde the swordfish
rambi the rhino
and ostrich I love donkey kong country nice gameplay,characters,plot,setting and background.

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