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Overall Rating: 3.94 based on 17 ratings
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Linda Colwell
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Readerrrr (0)
LaVyrle Spencer gets a 9 out of 10 on my personal rating scale. Like Nora Roberts, she has an astounding ability to convey convincing detail about a wide array of very different time periods. Unlike Nora Roberts, LaVyrle's stories are so REAL that I feel more like I've LIVED one of her stories than read it! They're often message stories (it's okay to love someone older/younger than you, sometimes you have to forgive before you can move on, people can change with love as the motivation...) NO-ONE writes a more memorable story than LaVyrle Spencer. And one of her books (The Endearment) is one of the only two romance books that I've kept instead of passing on to someone else or selling. The only problem with LaVyrle is that she hasn't written enough of her wonderful stories. I've read probably 2/3 of them, but I own the rest and I'm hoarding them, since each one I finish means one fewer left to read. Don't miss LaVyrle!

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angiemac (0)
The reviews I have read about Miss Spencer says It all. I could not add anything to the praise of this author who captures our emotions so well.

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Oxamanduhx (0)
She is soo good I wish she would just write one or two more, I just keep reading the same ones over and over they are so good.

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Bern8844om (0)
I miss her sooooo much! I hope she is considering coming out of retirement and writing some more heartwarming and wonderful books. She is down to earth and her books deal with real problems, situations & teach a lot about how to handle the circumstances. A Great Lady and a GREAT author!!

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lcol5237om (0)
I am saddened that this great author is retiring. When I read Family Blessings, my mother had just died. LaVyrle Spencer captured the grieving process so wonderfully.

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kcop5225om (0)
How can I describe this author's books other than fascinating, heart wrenching characters. Her stories are so tender, not always beautiful woman, meets rich man and instant love. Her stories are more realistic, but not so real that they remind us or make us sad the way real life might. I'm proud of her characters and how they solve their problems. She is heartwarming. I miss her since she has retired.

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