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Overall Rating:2.97 based on 29 ratings
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christy4 (3)
When I was in high school, trying to boost up my resume for college, a friend of mine asked me if I was interested in Managing the Men's Lacrosse team at my high school. I am such a girly girl, but sports usually intrigue me so I said yes. Right away, I was plunged into the world of keeping lacrosse stats for a roster full of players. I was automatically hooked. I was not the water bitch: I ran the score board and kept the stats for both teams at every game. Thank God I was required to know what ground balls and fast breaks were because I was required to mark them all down. ANy girl that wants to understand a sport should learn how to manage it. I was the girl handing the numbers to the newspaper so they could print how many goals and assists the star players had! The game was amazing. I found myself holding my breath at the intensity of the players, their ability to withstand an enormous check from a D Pole twice their size and still manage to cradle the ball! I believe sincerely that Lacrosse players are the toughest in the world and the games fly by. They always end too quickly...for the spectators at least.

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laxer21 (0)
I would have to agree with uofmsparty. I played the sport in High School and I have been coaching for 4 years now. Everything he says is true about the sport, originally played by native americans. I used to like basketball and football, but when I started playing lacrosse I fell in love with the sport. Even if you know nothing at all about it, go to a game and take your kids. I guarantee they'll want to give up little league baseball and pick up a lacrosse stick!

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mtbmlb (6)
I like the action involved in it. I enjoyed playing it in PE. Not bad.

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mixxin (0)
can't say I love it, but a cool sport. It is THE true North American sport by the way.

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Wavebacker (27)
I agree that this is one underrated Sport. It's got elements of Football, Basketball and Hockey. It's played at a rapid pace and there is plenty of scoring and aggression. Indoor Lacrosse is great and the outdoor game is OK, but the field is too big. It's also too regionalized , played mostly on the East Coast, Middle Atlantic. That's too bad because it's a sport where you dont need to be big or tall to play.

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uofmsparty (0)
Most underrated sport..being a lacrosse player i feel empty when i tell people my sport and they don't know anything about it..lets expand your horizons...this sport would allow football linebackers to have 6 foot metal poles to beat the running backs with..this sport would take a hockey goalies pads away and tell him to stop the puck with his jock on and a helmet..this is a sport where basketball would allow aggresive charging..those little slaps on the wrists would be bats breaking the arms..and people don't think this is tough..anyone who only wants to watch one sport watch this one.. why??? because this combines every sport into one..it's probably the longest living sport..it is played on a soccer field..the gameplay is set up like a basketball court..you play with hockey sticks with a net on the end of them...its just as if not more aggresive the football and rugby (lets see a football/rugby player get smacked by a metal pole and jump in front of a ball traveling 100mph+)..nothing can beat a good game of lacrosse..

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bsd987 (1)
Lacrosse is one of the greatest sports. If you'd actually seen a game Jason you'd realize that. The worlds fastest growing game and one of the best.

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zuchinibut (47)
Aggressiveness of football, hockey, or rugby, with the fine hand eye skills needed in baseball, and the endurance of soccer or basketball. Anyone who has played competitive lacrosse will attest to its difficulty. But at the same time it has to be one of the most fun sports to play, and watching a close game with good players is as good as watching any other sport.

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Jason1972 (6)
I'd rather separate M&M colors than watch or play this sport.

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gunner217 (0)
Have any of you who voted terrible actually watched a lacrosse game? It's probably the fastest, most exciting sport out there. Far better then football, basketball and baseball.

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