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Overall Rating: 2.33 based on 9 ratings
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Molfan (59)
Not such a bad list. Most people who rated it were talking about their own heights. It was fun at least to see what each woman felt about her height. Really a harmless one to rate amongst the much more serious topics.

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Vudija (94)
Thank you MissPackRat! I created the list, mostly to find out what guys think; and to find out what women think of their own heights. Being only 5'0 myself; I was just curious as to what people thought. It was all in good fun, I was getting tired of the serious weblists; thought the place needed some harmless fun and humor. :-)

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scarletfeather (49)
I don't think it's a dumb list. Some of us have been posting here for quite a while and it's kind of fun to find out how tall some of the female posters are. It's also interesting to hear others talk about their feelings about their respective heights.

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irishgit (146)
Not in the top 100 dumbest. I don't have much interest, personally, but obviously some folks are concerned with height, as they are with hair colour, eye colour etc, all of which have their own lists. You might make an argument for shallow, but hardly dumb. By the way, since there's also a Male Height list, why is that not included here? Or is listing the masculine vertical elevation not dumb? Just asking.

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MissPackRat4Jesus (37)
Really, I have seen lists on RIA that are much worse. From what I have seen (according to some of the comments left on it), some of RIA's women (myself included) have opened up, and discussed what they really feel about their heights, and how comfortable they are with it. It's somewhat therapeutic to read what others have said, as well as writing what I feel about my own height (5'3''), which I think is pretty much on the lower end of average. Vudija (the creator of this list) has been making some lists that have actually been quite good in my opinion, allowing people to really cut loose with some of the wittiest comments ever to be posted on RIA. Great work, Vudija!!

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sfalconer (21)
Just when I think I won't find any thing else to add to this list, I find another one. I mean come on give me a break, does a two inch seperation make the difference between great and ok. It is hard for most people to hook up these day with some sort of long term meaningful relationship what difference does height make.

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