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A non-US citizen
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GenghisTheHun (179)
What's wrong with the Sacajawea dollar now in circulation?

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jamestkirk (24)
This has been done.

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pabob (2)
There already is a Native American being honored on our currency.

  (2 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
stolypin (3)
Any American Indian put on currency would be put on their just because he/she was an Indian not becuase of his/her contributions, and that would be racist. Sacagawea excluded, many of the most famous Indians were, technically, enemies of the USA. Gerronimo, Chief Joseph, Sitting Bull, and Tecumseh all led armies in battle against the USA, even if they were justified in doing so.

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barbkaye57 (0)
A native American would be a good selection but which one? Tecumsah, Chief Joseph, Pocahontas, Cochise, Geronimo, Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse? There are so many to choose from, maybe there should be more than one.

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PzKpfw VI E (28)
How better to honour an entire race of people that were killed off because of the growth of America then to put one of their great leaders on a symbol of an economic system that changed their entire civilization and bought their lands for a minimum of what they were actually worth.

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Simael (0)
I will split the item, but I would argue that thinkers like Locke and Rousseau had a tremendous influence on the founding fathers and the country's ideals. For a more recent example, think of Ghandi's doctrine of non-violent resistance and MLK. Yes, there used to be an indian head nickel. Currently, Sacajawea is on the dollar coin.

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CastleBee (88)
I agree wholeheartedly with tboneya - Native Americans are the original people of this country and should not be grouped with non-citizens. And yes, I definately think that a prominent Native American should be featured on currency - as an individual human being and not just as a symbol. Non-citizens - no.

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