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Born in 1946, Sylvester Stallone is best known for writing and starring in action movies, including the "Rocky" series and the "Rambo" series. He has also appeared in movies such as "Cliffhanger," "Demolition Man," and "Cop Land."

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candy kane  (15)   on 02/01/2006 4:28PM, said:

can't act but nice boobs

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Sharif519  (0)   on 12/04/2005 12:42AM, said:

His role as Lincoln Hawk gives him 5 stars! "Over the Top" was phenomenal (hopefully people see sarcasm in text). Ray Tango was equally as powerful. Very influential actor. One word.....SUBSTANCE

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Laserous221177  (0)   on 09/11/2005 3:25PM, said:

Slyvestor Stallone is an American Icon who is a great actor who had a impact on the world with his roles some were better then others but I can say I have seen every Rocky atlest a hundred times and it still gets me fired up.Slvestor Stallone is a great actor and any american who says other wise is a vegtable with no kind of pride or imagination.

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imranfarooqui  (0)   on 06/29/2005 2:50PM, said:

A real hero of all times. He's simply fantastic. I love his Rocky series. He has performed so well I think there is no match of his acting.

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37102002  (2)   on 06/25/2005 9:40PM, said:

sly gets ridiculed a lot for being in roles where he looks, umm, not smart, but hey, it takes talent to act that dumb. Sly is not a dumb guy in reality.

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irishgit  (91)   on 01/21/2005 7:52PM, said:

Take the first Rocky and Dukes of Flatbush out of his resume, and there's not much there. He fell in love with his Nautilus machine two decades ago, and gave up acting for body building. At this point he's just an ugly caricature of himself. There are worse actors out there, Keanu Reeves for one, but he's undeserving of the praise some folks are lavishing on him here.

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edt4  (55)   on 01/21/2005 7:50PM, said:

He made Rocky at the right time...a picture of optimism and hope in the midst of the Anti-Hero era. It seemed refreshing at the time, but Stallone was a mediocre actor with delusions of grandeur. Each Rocky sequel got progressively more ridiculous and grandiose. Stallone got his hands on the Rambo character and changed it from a deranged psychopath (as it was in the original novel) into a comic-book hero. Over the years, it seems his ego got as bloated as the budget for his movies. Cobra was pitiful. I would agree that his role in Copland wasn't bad, but it was too little too late. It would appear his career is essentially over and I, for one, can't say as I'm sorry about that.

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Pamela2004  (0)   on 11/16/2004 8:27PM, said:

He is a great actor! The Rocky movies alone, all five of them qualify him as a great actor! How many other actors write and star in their own films! It's amazing that he did that and at such a young age, he was only thirty years old! He was also good in the First Blood movies, and Cobra! Now that he married model Jennifer Flavin he is a devoted family man! I hope he wins another oscar one day, this one for acting!

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kamylienne  (56)   on 06/16/2004 4:09PM, said:

As far as not talking enough in his movies--I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. He's not the worst actor, but he's not nearly the best, either.

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ANSGARD  (0)   on 06/03/2004 8:11AM, said:

He is fantastic, even now that he is getting old.... he has always been good and always will be, he will stay a legend forever

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