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Seth Green

About Seth Green

Born in 1974, Seth Green assumed the role of Oz in the TV show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." He has also appeared in movies such as "Can't Hardly Wait" and the "Austin Powers" movies (where he played Dr. Evil's son, Scott). 
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Seth Green

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Seth Green
  Current Rating: (2.99)  
  # of Ratings: 140      
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Showing comments 1-10 of 10
1. GOBBanana (0) , on 10/21/2005 8:26:00 PM, said:

His talent is amazing, I love him!
  (0 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
2. nickkicksass (0) , on 4/28/2004 11:20:00 PM, said:

Absolutely amazing actor! Make more movies!
  (2 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
3. Mmathers (0) , on 2/6/2004 11:21:00 PM, said:

!!!!!!!!!!i think he is a great actor i would like to see him in more movies!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  (2 people found this comment helpful, 1 did not)
4. Spuffyness (0) , on 5/24/2003 6:48:00 PM, said:

he is great
he can play a range of characters
and has never let me down in anthing I have watched him in

  (2 people found this comment helpful, 1 did not)
5. Sandy29CD (0) , on 5/22/2003 6:12:00 PM, said:

He is just so cute.
  (1 people found this comment helpful, 1 did not)
6. ecky85 (0) , on 4/4/2003 11:23:00 PM, said:

He's such a great guy. He is hilarious as Chris in "The Family Guy" (why that show ended, the world may never know). I met him once in the airport, and he was such a sweet guy. Yay Seth Green!
  (2 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
7. smiley1234 (0) , on 7/30/2002 12:17:00 PM, said:

I think Seth Green is such a cutie! He did an AWESOME job in 'Austin Powers in Goldmember' and 'Rat Race'!! He seems really sweet and looks like he'd be a lot of fun to hang out with and plus...he's gorgeous!
  (1 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
8. MarkyMarkLuva19 (0) , on 5/29/2001 12:35:00 PM, said:

I think Seth Green is the a great lil actor!! He is so cute and little....awe! : ) newayz i think that Air Born was a great movie and that he made the movie extra special!!!! I also enjoyed Can't Hardly Wait....omg he was so cute! He also makes Buffy the Vampire Slayer a popular show! newayz i will alwayz luv Seth and I will alwayz follow his career! he is 1 of the best lil actors around and so is Mark Wahlberg....hehe!!!!~~~~luv ya Seth~~~~
  (12 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
9. joeylover1 (0) , on 4/26/2001 4:58:00 PM, said:

i like seth green, especially in can't hardly wait and austin powers 2! he's so cute and funny.
  (2 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
10. Talena (0) , on 4/12/2001 2:27:00 PM, said:

Seth Green is sooooo hot! He is the second most gorgeous guy in the world (next to Fred Durst of course). He was so funny in Austin Powers 1 & 2...Scott Evil is my hero. He was hilarious in Can't Hardly Wait...I wish I was the girl who got locked in the bathroom with him! Idol Hands was okay, even though the plot was really, REALLY horrible, but Seth made the movie tolerable. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my favorite show. Seth played Oz wonderfully, and it saddened me greatly when he left. He was an essential part of the show that can never be replaced. I just saw Josie and the Pssycats yesterday. Seth played a member of an NSYNC like boy-band. The only reason I went to go see the movie was to see him, but I got ripped off because he was in it for less than five minutes...oh well. Anyways, Seth is a hilarious guy with a lot of talent. I think he deserves more credit. I can't wait until he comes out with more movies...hopefully in the not-so-distant future.
  (3 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
Seth Green: Showing comments 1-10 of 10

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