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No way it is the most effective barrier to terror they have at their disposal right now

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Reviews for No way it is the most effective barrier to terror they have at their disposal right now  1-9 OF 9

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Definitely the Palestinians are no threat to them
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TMack042 (0)
Israel is fighting terrorism just like we are. The Palestinians are lucky that the Israelis don't just go off and kick their arse.2
fabcheetah (0)
Sharon a terrrorist? Bonniebell should consider a name change to dumbbell. I, mtself, would do anything to defned my family and my country, and Sharon is doing just that. The terrorist already died, Arafat. Can you belive the gave that man a Nobel Peace Prize. The Jews lost 5 million of their people to the incinerators on WWII. We should have awarded them Germany. They deserve a homeland, and so do the Palestinians. Unfortunately, they can't coexist in peace until the Palestinians take control from Hamas and stop the violence. It's not the Jews blowing up buses and cafes. The problem lay with Palestine, no Isreal. Arafat turned down the offer that would of brought peace. I have a feeling he's somewhere on fire right now.1
jaywilton (24)
There should also be a security fence symbolically built around the UN,since they oppose it.3
Bonniebell (0)
i see sharon as the terrorist.2
Daccory (16)
Another inflammatory move by Sharon. Remember the Berlin Wall? Eschew JFK wasn't my hero..Americans seem to think there are Democrats (liberal) and Republican (conservative)thinkers only...that sort of polarisation does not exist anywhere else..common sense does. At home, like most people here, I might be considered 'centre-right' if you have to categorise it. As for murderers of innocent civilians, haven't you noticed both sides do this, so which is which?0
EschewObfuscation (67)
Gosh, just what this site needed, braindrainwayne, more radical, liberal claptrap. Are there more Canadians who think like this guy? They all do!? Let's start building our own wall. Daccory, to analogize this wall to the Berlin Wall, whew! The Berlin Wall was constructed, under the nose of your hero, John F. Kennedy, to keep freedom seeking people in and captive. This wall keeps murderers of innocent civilians out. Try to pay attention.2
waynthetrain (0)
Did the power God tell Sharon to put it up as he did tell Bush to invade Iraq? Tell that violent deity to suck my dick. Peace is the opposite of war. You can see the end of the Christian power God reign and the beginning of the Islam power God insurrection. When will we work for peace? Burn the bible and kuran and lets work together for once.1
louiethe20th (60)
Wouldn't you put a barrier between your family and your neighbors if they were constantly trying to kill you and blow you up?6
Beloved (20)
Terror attacks in Isreal have fallen drastically since this fence has been put in place. I can't wait to vacation there. News Flash--- Palestinian business men provided most of the cement to build the terror barrier in Isreal.3
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