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Overall Rating:4.00 based on 16 ratings
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FreeSoul (1)

I am a man and women under 5'2" are just too sweet.
Short women are attractive, over 5'6" are not, and most of men I know also say so.

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Temperance (4)
there is nothing wrong with this height, or any height for that matter. what ever height a person is supposed to be, they are beautiful that way! but if the girl is short and too round i tend not to like it...its not that she, herself, isnt a beautiful person...its just not something that appeals to me, astheticly. hehe, and i sort of like being around my shorter friends cause it makes it so obvious like background and heritage and stuff, its just fun to think about, in my mind. Temperance

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bluetarbaby (8)
I have to be serious now. I don't know what the obsession is with tall, weird looking women. I love women about this height with curves, (but no cellulite) and big natural breast. Like a little Italian or hispanic woman. Women like this, not only seem to be better in bed, but are cooler and funner to be around in my experience. I wonder why that is? Ya know? Ever notice how little petite women like this are not only usually hot, but funny as well? Yeah, they're hot, but forget that a second, I love being around little mean ass petite beauties that make fun of other girls - or everybody for that matter, not just girls. Ever met one of these? Just mean and funny as hell? All outrageous, then, when you're alone with them, they get all shy, ......cute as hell, man. I love girls like this.

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helmut (16)
My wife is about 5'0'', mabye a little over. I don't necessarily prefer women this height, but I would have a problem being in a relationship with a woman that is taller than me (6'0'').

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PTRoxieMisha (3)
I'm 5'1 and while I sometimes wish I was taller, I have to say there are quite a few advantages to being short. I'm also one of the rare petite girls who actually has long arms and legs!

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Vudija (92)
I'm sorry Kamy! I added your height to the list upon your request. I assume you rated it? Anyways, I'm loving being this tall (or short-depending on how you look at it). It'll be even better when I'm 24 and people still card me because they think I'm 17 lol. *For the record, I'm 18 now and I could pass as an 8th/9th grader if I wanted to*

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kamylienne (77)
. . . Wow, my height didn't even make the list. How bad does that suck? I'm 4'11, I WISH I were 5'! UPDATE: The weather is nice and shady down here, since all the tall people TAKE UP ALL THE SUNLIGHT!!! Seriously, I hate walking by the doors at convenience stores, because the little marks on the door frame only start at 5 feet . . . . ::sniff::

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