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Overall Rating:2.67 based on 9 ratings
Axe Effect (Axe Deodorant for Men)-a series of commercials which show the intoxicating effect Axe Deodorant and Bodyspray for men has on women.

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irishgit (131)
Unimaginative and ultimately laughable campaign. Even the target audience of horny young men would have trouble believing in the reality of the ad, much as they might wish for it.

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Vudija (92)
I don't know what's more sad --- the commercial or some of the sad people who believe in it so much they practically bathe themselves in it to smell like a cheap whorehouse. The commercials lack any good humor and the product (on its general users) smells atrocious.

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X Factor Z (14)
Really if that really did happen in real life there would be absolutely none of that product available or it would sell for $1,ooo,ooo a bottle.

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numbah16tdhaha (144)
If it was only this easy.

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Paul2505 (0)
The reason the ads are about women being all over you is because Body Spray is about the least manly hygene product imaginable. They're trying to convince men not to feel like a fruitcake when they buy a product that has traditionally been for women. The ads have some good looking women in them, but what else is new.

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kamylienne (78)
Memorable--eh, kind of. These commercials were a little unique, but that's about it. (Just a hint for the guys--no, it doesn't work that way. There's no way a girl will agree to a threesome because you smell nice.) UPDATE: The newer commercial with the women with various objects imprinted onto their backs to suggest an, erm, interesting and sudden tryst, is kind of neat . . . but, if the GUY was the one who was irrisistable, wouldn't it be the WOMAN who would push him up against the locker or dinner table? Yeah, okay, I'm putting wayy too much thought into it, I know, but I think it's a good point.

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