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Matt Damon

Overall Rating:Average Rating (3.40) based on 374 ratings

Born in 1970, Matt Damon is best known for his leading role in "Good Will Hunting," which he co-wrote with best friend Ben Affleck. The twosome won the Oscar that year for Best Original Screenplay. Damon has also appeared in "The Rainmaker," "Saving Private Ryan," and "Dogma."

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GoinDownSlow (17)
Wrong, wrong actor for the "Bourne" trilogy, not that it makes a difference since the movies have absolutely nothing in common with the books. I wouldn't rush to see a movie he's in, but wouldn't stay away either.3
alazz911 (0)
reminds me of a pervert, although cute at some angles. mostly looks creepy to me. Hopelessly in love with ben, he will always be a closet case psycho who thinks cause he did good will hunting, that he will always be a star. lame.1
Jeremy00081 (5)
Yeah, Damon has bombed out a couple times. I wasn't very impressed with "Dogma" or "Stuck on You". But his performances in "Good Will Hunting" and "The Bourne Identity" (among others) were superb. 2
shroomy soup (2)
He's much less annoying than Ben Affleck, and he picks better scripts too. His character as Jason Bourne in the Bourne Identity and Bourne Supremacy have turned him into an A list actor. I'm highly anticipating The Bourne Ultimatum in 2007.1
IgnatiusJReilly (80)
How can he be much better then Affleck? Aren't they the same person!?!?!?!2
INOitALL (0)
Much better than Affleck.0
bimdan (0)
Pretty good actor and much more versatile than his b/f Ben. And gawd is Matt ever CUTE!!!2
Maomania (1)
Matt Damon proved to be a much better actor then his buddy Ben Affleck (isn't it says we always have to bring that guy up). Matt did a good job in the Bourne Identity and the talented Mr. Ripley. He is not one of my favorite actors but he can play a range of emotions without being fake.0
dpostoskie (7)
Good Will Hunting is enough for me0
disgust4PCness (18)
Do you like apples? Do you like apples? Well how 'bout them apples!?!?0
Pamela2004 (0)
He is so cute! He an extremely talented actor! He was so great in Goodwill Hunting, The Talented Mr. Ripley and Oceans Eleven! He deserves an acting oscar to put next to his screenwriting oscar!0
joefly69 (0)
Loved him in Dogma0
ernesta (1)
Dumb and Dumber or Matt and Ben tried to pull a fast one on everybody. They really didn't write Good Will Hunting, and if they did, why can't they write again. That's some severe writer's block you have Matty.0
coolpeeps (0)
minkeydude (32)
I think he's talented. He graduated from Harvard - a very intelligent guy. Rounders and Bourne Identity are two of my favorite movies. He typically played an intellect in all of his movies but Bourne Identity helped him move into an action role and a sequel is scheduled for release in 2005. 0
Roy_Freddy (0)
Another Lousy Actor!!!! This guy makes you cringe when he acts. 1
iluvamerica (0)
I loved him in The Talented Mr. Ripley. It's too bad his character was so creepy. But I also really like Bourne Identity, and Good Will Hunting will always be an awesome movie. 0
StanUzbeck (13)
It is too bad that his first real breakthrough role was Good Will Hunting, because he was so amazing in that movie that he will never equal that performance again. His roles have been pretty mediocre since, and seems to be going through the motions in most of them. It's too bad, because Good Will Hunting really was the kind of career defining performance that most good actors deliver towards the END of a long and illustrious career. 1
anacookie5 (0)
I LOVE Matt Damon! I don't see how anyone could not love such a sweet guy! Sure not all of his movies have been great(All The Pretty Horses) but he's still a good actor, and not to mention, really hot! 0
TrinaB (0)
He is very down to earth, talented, caring (he gives money to numerous charities), and handsome! 0
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