Doctor Who: Castrovalva

The Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison) makes his debut in this installment of the cult sci-fi series, which ...
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Doctor Who: Castrovalva 5

In which the good Doctor goes undercover as a high soprano in the Venutian Boy's Choir.

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Doctor Who: Castrovalva 1

When something goes wrong with the Doctor's regeneration, Tegan and Nyssa take him to a place called Castrovalva. They take him there to rest.
Adric is kidnapped by the Master. Catrovalva isn't a real place. The Master makes Adric create it by using block transfer computation.
This is the worst post regenerate episode that was made. In Robot the Doctor saved the Earth twice and in the Twin Dilemma he saved the entire universe. In Castrovalva the Doctor didn't do anything useful.
This episode starred Anthony Ainley(The Master) but even though he's in it, this episode still sucks.
There's a goof in this episode. When the Doctor regenerates, he is wearing boots. But a few minutes later it shows him wearing shoes. This episode should've been called crappy Castrovalva instead of Castrovalva. I give this turkey a 1 star rating.

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