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Bowling Set - 7'' Pins W/ball (Windy City Novelties)$2.50
Executive bowling game (splendidplace.com)$39.99
CHAMPION BPSET Bowling Set, 4-1/2-lb.Rubber Bowling Ball and 10 Plastic Pins per set (Priced per SET) (OfficeSuppliesLane.com)$69.95
Bowling Lane Cart (Kiddie Toys)$239.40
Ebonite Zoom Predrilled Bowling Ball (The Sports Authority)$49.99

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Overall Rating:3.13 based on 85 ratings
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numbah16tdhaha (164)
I think the "sport" factor is overrated, but its a fun game for sure.

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trebon1038 (65)
Growing up in the north bowling is huge. Have been in some really fun leagues over the years. I even used to watch on tv, though I don't much now. I was in college not far from Toledo when Earl Anthony won his fifth national title...I wish I had gone to watch him live.

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Vitoc (0)
Few truly understand what it is like to consistently throw a 16 pound ball down a 60 foot lane only 42 inches wide that is saturated in varying oil patterns and hit a strike zone only a few inches wide. Yeah, it's easy to criticize bowling when you've got a closed mind, but quite honestly, I'm glad there's people like you out there. It provides me with a constant source of laughter when I watch you make fools of yourselves spouting off nonsense about how easy the sport is when you've never shot (and probably never will shoot) a 500 series in your life (pros consistently shoot 700's weekly to make the televised finals), let alone bowled a perfect game. Yeah, it's easy to throw a football and a baseball. It's easy to shoot a basketball. Does that mean it's easy to play at the professional level in said sports? Seriously, get a clue.

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drbowler (14)
I bowl in a league and man...if you speed bowl you can start sweating...Bowling a great family sport get everyone together one night a week for league, and everyone has a fair chance, with handicap and all, unlike some other sports.

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93century (39)
Anyone that doesn't like this sport, doesn't have a sense of humour!

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Ih8rateitall (5)
Sure if you want you kid to grow up fat and lazy. It's fun to play with friends, but I'll never consider this a sport dudes. Bowlers are surly too, watch espn and they'll sometimes show a bowler giving someone the suck it signal with their hands.

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mtbmlb (6)
Oh yeah, real perspiration. It must be a workout watching the ball knock down the pins. Sheesh.

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Wavebacker (27)
Bowling is a great, recreational Sport that can be played by the casual player as well as the professional. It's very simple and anyone can play it , which makes it great. It's fun and you can be social while waiting your roll. It's also inexpensive to play.

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southparker9 (0)
If you can drink during competition and still compete, I doubt it's a sport. Besides, the best athlete is some weaslily, little pipe-cleaner arm, having nerd. What else could these guys compete at?

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Seraph (10)
The nice thing about bowling is the whole family can do it. I've beaten my older brother on several occasions, even though he's obviously bigger and stronger than me, simply because I had mastered the art of aiming. If you get a chance, try neon bowling (or whatever it's called)...it's a lot of fun.

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CanadaSucks (51)
More fun when drunk. . .bowling is a part of Americana but the white-trashiness about bowling is a hinderance from ever being really cool.

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Redoedo (41)
Unlike most of the other sports listed here, this is one that requires less actual physical skill and strength. It's just a classic, wholesome American sport that the entire family can enjoy. I really miss going to the bowling alley on Friday nights, and probably am going to start doing so again. It's one of my favorites.

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kamylienne (84)
It's one of those relatively cheap nights out that you can have with your family or a bunch of friends. You don't have to be that good to score points (heck, if I can do it, anyone can). Not the "ideal" night out, per se, but it's alright.

  (2 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
Snoopy (5)
I'm not a great bowler, but I love spending time with friends at the local bowling alley. It's fun, even if they always beat the pants off of me.

  (1 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
RebelYell1861 (10)
I like it, I just wish I was better at it.

  (3 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
Actually LoneUSfullHouseFan, there is strategy to this very fun sport. You just have to learn how to throw the ball correctly. You need to find your own way of throwing the ball and keep practicing it. Eventually, you will be getting strikes and spares left and right. I can bowl around here- 2 hours for $8.

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Jason1972 (6)
It's great fun, especially with family and friends.

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Amy55Rose (0)
Bowling itself isn't that bad, but I hate the atmosphere in the bowling alley. All these older men with mullets, smoking and the sound of the balls rolling noisily down the lane. The shoes are actually pretty cool, but I don't like the sharing part because I have no idea whose feet those shoes have been on.

  (1 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
Errol (5)
We're talking about playing the sport, not watching it on TV, right? I admit watching it is dull. But bowling is a great and fun sport you can do indoors, so the weather can't hinder you. It is also a game that is good for people that have skill but don't necessarily have a lot of speed or physical strength. It is also a very social game, where you can get to know the people you're playing with and against while you're playing.

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LoneUSFullHouseFan (3)
I really feel sorry for the commentators in this sport. It is so predictable, just a ball and a lane. No offense, no defense, no strategy. 'So Jim, what do you think he will do on this one?' 'Well... he's probably going to try and knock those pins down. Back to you Jerry.'

  (3 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
Bowl3X300 (0)
Most people don't realize the true challenge involved with bowling. The people who compete in leagues in tournaments are the people who take the game to the sport level. Most non league passtime bowlers don't worry about form or where they're throwing the ball, they just throw it. That's not what bowling is all about. Bowling is mostly accuracy, and obtaining that accuracy requires proper form and consistancy. That's what makes bowling a sport.

  (2 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
granfalloon (0)
It's a fun game to play as long as you're playing with fun, interesting people who are good conversationalists. The game itself, without the casual social interaction, is rather tiresome.

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Dorkavitch Chamalsky (0)
Everything is alright with the world until you get a gutter ball. Then bowling just stops being fun right then and there.

  (2 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
Wiggum (18)
As something fun to do once or twice a year on a weekend night, bowling is great. But it's not exactly the most impressive sport out there. I can't think of many televised sports I'd want to watch less than bowling. And when you take a look at a line-up of professional bowlers, the word "athletes" doesn't exactly jump to mind.

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