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Overall Rating: 3.47 based on 32 ratings
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sunstorm1001 (1)
I kind of like this guys books, they are a bit far-fetched, but I have spent time watching the old Sci-Fi shows of the 60's/70's (Star Trek, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea etc) as a child and find it is a fun ride sometimes. And hey, what better name for a hero than Dirk Pitt? I mean, it has that certain something, doesn't it? LOL If you have a long wait for a bus, plane, doctors office, these books are great to have along to read.

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irishgit (152)
This man couldn't write a laundry list. His powers of observation are non-existant, he apparently doesn't believe in research and his dialogue sounds like a grade seven play. The veriest garbage. The editor who first put this man into print should be burned at the stake.

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=|[XEON]|=|EVOution (0)
even though i dont know wtf is the book about but im here just to ask a question for my stupid english readin log. WTF is the auther from? EURO guy or a chin guy? cos im surpos to get a readin log from a foreign country which i couldnt get any background from this guy.

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trixiemachfive (0)
clive should consulting on screenplays. he obviously can dream up interesting plots but he is not a writer. i can not believe i read this book...although i didn't read it all 'cause i had to skim through the last half i was gagging so bad on clunky dialogue and awkward pacing. who says "my dear this" and "my dear that" all the time, much less an entire army of charcters? look, just give clive a team of screenwriters, buckets of money, some hot movie stars and pass the popcorn, but do not let him publish anymore books and definitely do not waste your time reading his books.

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WarMaid (0)
Great fun--suspend your disbelief and join a rollicking adventure with Dirk and Al! You'll probably find Cussler himself ambling through with some critical information to help our heroes out of a jam. Well-researched and full of facsinating historical and alternate-historical detail.

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cupful (0)
A MUST READ for all his novels. Interesting educational backgrounds.

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Whisky12 (0)
This is a great auther. Pitt just can not die! Do what I do and try the best you can to imagine yourself in his place. And I just can't wait until Cussler shows himself in his books.

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The Warder (0)
Cussler's legendary hero, Dirk Pitt, invariably finds himself in a frantic race to save the world from unspeakable calamity. While Cussler relies a little too much on coincidence, nonetheless the novels make for very enjoyable escape reading. Regular readers will no doubt delight in trying to determine beforehand how Cussler will inject himself into the novels, usually in a light-harded cameo role. Cussler's novels appeal particularly to "men-adventure" types, and probably belong more in the "mystery-thriller" category than in the "contemporary" category as listed here.

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BigGuyPI (9)
Clive Cussler knows how to write an entertaining tale. His storytelling whisks you away to exotic locales filled with danger at every turn. His main character, Dirk Pitt, is the James Bond of the sea. In addition to being an excellent storyteller, Cussler is also an accomplished amateur underwater archaeologist, having discovered over 60 historically significant shipwrecks!

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dbai3956et (0)
Good read when you just want to escape

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