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Overall Rating: 4.25 based on 151 ratings

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irishgit (121)
Even allowing for the myth-making that surrounds this guy and the "Yankee mystique" I don't think there's much doubt that he was a great ball-player, both in the field and with the bat.

Was he the greatest centre-fielder ever? No, although he was graceful and effortless, I think there are other and more skilled contenders for that title.

The best hitter? Again, no. That's either Williams or Ruth, and its too close to call.

But when you put the package together, its clear this is a hell of a player.
Ben999 (7)
His 56 game hitting streak will never be broken. One of the few baseball records that may last for eternity.2
smallchief (0)
Great, but a little bit overrated. He wasn't as good a hitter as Williams or Musial. 1
lightfinger2000 (2)
For those that say he would be less fantastic if he played in a smaller market is poppygosh.Look at A-Rod,New York Is not helping better his numbers.Mr.Dimaggio was called the greatest living baseball player because he revered the game and tried to display professionalism not because he actually was better.Although Williams proclaimed him the best right handed hitter and the greatest player in his eyes,a definite show of respect even if he was mad he didn't win the m.v.p. for hitting .400.When a competitor and rival says that about the other that speaks volumes of both men's respect and how they impact the game.1
AndrewT (15)
Bigger than life and a dedicated student of the game. Loved worldwide.4
WillinNewHaven (0)
Three IS an all-time great rating, so don't come complaining to me. DiMaggio was never "the greatest living ballplayer" even though that is the way he demanded to be introduced. Babe Ruth didn't die until 1948. After that, it was Cobb, Musial or Williams until it was Mays. 0
hotel283 (20)
A stalwart to a degree that other players aren't expected to reach. The 56 game hitting streak will never be broken. I admire him as he had a heavy burden. He was the best the Yankees had for so long that it reached a point later in his career where he simply could not have stepped out of the captaincy or the number four slot, ride the pine a bit and enjoy his golden baseball years. He had to be more than a human playing the game, no one (especially himself) could have seen him in any lesser of a role.2
GB4Life (0)
Where have you gone Jow DiMaggio?1
John4283 (0)
During his prime, no one could compare to the all-around skills that DiMaggio possessed. And an argument can be made that no one in the history of the game played it as well as The Yankee Clipper. DiMaggio employed a classic swing that earned him three MVP awards and a 56 game hitting streak during the 1941 season.0
simply the best (0)
Williams and Mantle can go blow smoke for all I`m concerened. Joey D. is the greatest ball player of all time, no doubt! Take that to the bank baby!!!!!0
OneHungryMonster (2)
Great player.0
saladdin69 (0)
No Stan Musial. But he did do that Monroe girl...0
EschewObfuscation (61)
Being a Yankee is both a blessing and a curse. They went to the World Series nearly every year but they were the strongest collection of players in either league. When you batted clean-up for the Yankees, you were the best clean-up hitter in the game. 56 game hitting streak? Who would've ever thought Ruth's record of 60 HR in a season would ever be topped, or 714 HR in his incredible career, or Gehrig's consecutive games played by the Iron Man of baseball. All those records have fallen. Nobody has broken the 56 game hitting streak (he went on to hit in 14 more after going 0 for 4) because it is the single most un-touchable record in sports. Supplant Joe D. with Al Oliver in the Hall of Fame? Sorry. All those World Championships, the streak and the intense rivalry with Ted Williams, adds up to a Hall of Fame career. 1
Rosco8484 (0)
Joe DiMaggio is remembered as one of the game's most graceful athletes - a picture player both at bat and in center field. Many rate his 56-consecutive-game hitting streak in 1941 as the top baseball feat of all time. 'The Yankee Clipper used an unusally wide stance in winning two batting championships and three MVP Awards. In 13 seasons he amassed 361 hoemruns, averaged 118 RBI annually and compiled a .325 lifetime batting mark. At baseball's 1969 Centennial Celebration, he was named the game's greatest living player. Joe DiMaggio was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1955. 2
pghjosh (0)
Of course he was a great player, but here again we are suffering from the New York effect. Put him with Cincinnati or Pittsburgh, and he's just another terrific player, and not the legend he is today.0
CapAnson (1)
Not in the Hall of fame? No better than Al Oliver? Geez.. from 35-1950 only Williams compared as a hitter and Dimaggio did everything else better than Williams.. 1
Albert Brodeur (0)
One of best ever0
Ninobene (0)
361 HR's, 369 K's. Until his last yr, he had more HR's than K's. The term 5 tool player was invented for him. Mays was about the only OF on par with Joe, and Joe has 9 rings. His wife wasn't bad looking, either, and he was Italian.1
Oberyn (0)
One of the all-time greats. Could hit for average (.325 lifetime, despite a post-World War II decline) and power (top season of 46 HR despite being a right-handed hitter in Yankee Stadium). Joltin' Joe is now in the position of being both overrated and underrated at the same time. He stopped being the greatest living ballplayer the instant Mays and Aaron joined the major leagues, but this shouldn't diminish the fact that he was, without a doubt, the greatest all-around player of his generation (Ted Williams was the greatest hitter, but was absolutely AWFUL defensively).0
Philkid3 (0)
Joe Dimaggio was great, and a deserving Hall of Famer. But he's also the most overrated baseball player of all time. Simply because he was a Yankee and was considered charismatic he was hailed as the best player in the game. He even demanded they call him that. Barry Bonds is slaughtered today for having the same personality that made DiMaggio "classy." He was a good hitter, yes. His basestealing was good for the time, but terrible by any other time. His defense was overrated. And his power was non-existent. He was entirely too image-concience and hurt Mickey Mantle in numerous ways because of it. The fact is, Joe DiMaggio was one of the best players of his time, and deserves a Hall of Fame appearance because of that. However, his all-time standing as one of the best is undeserved. By the way, may I remind you that he didn't even make the Hall on the first ballot. 0
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