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Overall Rating: 4.30 based on 47 ratings

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Cathy Guisewite
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Silver Eagle 252 (9)
One of the best cartoonists/humorists. Stands in good company along with Gary Trudeau and Gary Larson. I wonder what marvelous creations we would have if the three of them collaborated. 2
Sharp (1)
A cartoonist that made a world that no other author or anyone else could have done, a person of integrity for sure, he had chances to become a millionaire, perhaps even a billionaiire but turned them down for the love of his readers, for Calvin, and Hobbes3
GenghisTheHun (155)
Bill Watterson wrote and drew on several levels. The obvious was the cartoon. Less obvious was that the character, Calvin, was based on the religious reformer, John Calvin, and Hobbes was based on the rational philosopher, Thomas Hobbes. The strip only ran for ten years and I really miss it. Perhaps, Watterson said everything that needs be said. Watterson lives in virtual seclusion in Ohio. He refuses interviews, autographs, conventions, etc. It is too bad that the younger people are deprived of a strip that made you think and laugh at the same time.3
Molfan (51)
another hilarious man. Calvin and Hobbes was such a good comic strip. he took a little boy and his stuffed tiger animal that came to life when no one could see. this idea could have been a disaster but with his imagination, it was great. another comic we have in book form. our whole family likes this strip. can be very funny.5
threedognight (1)
I miss Calvin and Hobbes!3
irishgit (121)
Funny enough but how does a CARTOONIST qualify as an AUTHOR?2
SpecialboothvicJr. (10)
one of the funniest of the 80's and 90's1
helmut (16)
Reminds me of me when I was a kid.1
TheDesertFox (0)
Great comics.2
Sk8er1272 (0)
Bill Walterson is one of favorites. Great comics with hilarious gags.1
CaptHayfever (0)
Yeah, I know everyone says it, but that's only because it's true: Calvin & Hobbes was one of the best comic strips ever. Wit & warmth & fantasy & reality all bundled up in a boy and his tiger.2
AndrewScott (73)
As author of the Calvin & Hobbes, Bill Watterson created one of the most hilarious comic strips out there. Captures the psyche of a 6-year-old only child in ways that is easy to relate. Calvin, with his stuffed tiger Hobbes, faces childhood with a rebellious streak, with the end result being a more believable portrayal of a young kid than most comics. I was sorry he retired the daily strip. 5
pikachan (0)
Bill Watterson has got to be one of the greatest humor authors. His strip Calvin and Hobbes was one of the best comic strips ever written. It is sad that the strip is no longer being written but I own a few of the books.Watterson deserves a 5. 4
r_mitchell (0)
Calvin is a hyper kid with an imagination that is unstoppable. Hobbs is his (semi)loyal imaginary companion who seems to be the reasoning side of Calvins thoughts. Though Hobbs often sees the errors in Calvins plans, Calvins to busy to concocting them to listen to him, but it's not just that that makes him funny. It's his whole world that we get to see through his eyes. He's not just a zanny child who gets himself in trouble all the time. He has great moments with his family and Hobbs. Not to mention he's extremely philisophical yet a kid at the same time. All that and more is what makes him so wonderful to read. Definite 5!!! 2
Deftones4ever (0)
Best Comic EVER! 2
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