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Iron Maiden (Tucker Jones House, Inc.)$18.00

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Overall Rating: 2.98 based on 180 ratings

Formed in 1976, Iron Maiden includes lead singer Bruce Dickinson, guitarist Adrian Smith, bassist Steve Harris and drummer Doug Sampson. The heavy metal band’s most popular songs include "Two Minutes to Midnight" and "The Trooper." (Add picture)

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rayrose (0)
Paul DiAnno is one of my fave vocalists,the early stuff is like a perfect cross between metal and punk.faves:Killers and Piece Of Mind.0
Powerslave94 (0)

  Iron Maiden are ACE! They always have been and always will be. Every time I hear Maiden I think 'Ahh, decent music, I'm so glad I don't listen to that chart trash anymore.' And for the people who think Bruce can't sing or his voice is shaky when he sings live, may I seriously recommend you go and get your hearing tested. I think you've got to take every album as it comes. They're all different and although some songs maybe stronger than others, I think the band wouldn't have put the songs on the album if they didn't think that they were good enough.

I think, like many others that Maiden are one of the best, if not the best metal band of all time!


chris1970 (0)
Went quickly downhill after Powerslave. But some good tracks up to then before the book reading took over. Dickinson can't really sing. Lots of effects in the studio, hear him live and his voice is shaky.1
Limpin' Trenchfoot (12)
I much prefer the snot nosed punkier version of the Di'Anno years to the proggier sound of the Dickinson line -up. I'm not much into the cod-operatic vocals of singers like Bruce Dickinson, Ronnie Dio, Ian Gillan and wossisface from Judas Priest. For my money their debut still stands head and shoulders above their other material2
ILikePie (36)
Possibly the greatest metal band in the world; some of their songs are pure genius. Their first album was utterly flawless, and Powerslave was also close to being so. Their members are greatly talented, and they have an immense arsenal of brilliant songs. They're still going strong now even though other bands have gone off the boil. (Dance of Death and A Matter of Life and Death were great). Classic tracks: Phantom of the Opera, Charlotte the Harlot, Killers, Iron Maiden, Wrathchild, Invaders, Children of the Damned, Aces High, 2 Minutes to Midnight, Powerslave, Trooper, Wicker Man, Where Eagles Dare, Fear of the Dark, Age of Innocence, Dance of Death,...(gasps for breath)..., Paschendale, Blood Brothers, Flash of the Blade...2
Rockon64 (2)
A great live show! Steve Harris is one of the best bass players there is. His band mates ain't bad , either2
kingguiness (9)

I used to like this stuff when I was younger but I kind of grew out of it. They are talented but their whole schtick about the darkside and medieval mythology just does'nt interest me anymore.
drimzef (5)
Good music, but what a horrible singer. 2
jj_frap (0)
Fear of the Dark was a crappy album (Didn't excite me and easily the low point in Bruce's career) with an an incredible title song that has been made redundant by the vastly superiour Rock in Rio version (Bruce's vocals sucked in the early 90s and the Brazilian crowd is a blast.) while Virtual XI and No Prayer were nothing special. Other than that, UP THE IRONS!!!! To anybody who thinks these guys have nothing left in them: Listen to Sign of the Cross (XFactor), Futureal (VXI), The Clansman (VXI) Ghost of the Navigator (BNW...Or Hell, just about anything on that album...), Paschendale (DoD), and Journeyman (DoD).1
Gromit (2)
IRON MAIDEN is TIMELESS! They were THE heavy metal band to listen to from the 'British metal invasion' days when Saxon, Def Leppard, Judas Priest, etc. hit the ground running with a more powerful hard rock sound that popularized the term 'heavy metal' and made it a household word. I saw them open up for Judas Priest in the early 80's at 'The Palladium' in NYC, when Paul DiAnno was their vocalist. I've been hooked since! The absolute BEST Maiden show i've ever seen was at 'Radio City Music Hall' in the 80's, when I saw them during their 'Powerslave' tour. All I can say, is my effing God!!! They were a total aural and visual assault on the senses... a literal 'metal machine'!!! Incredible live show that to this day, I feel was one of the best live rock shows i've ever seen. I'm 44, and have seen over 650 live shows over the years.0
636at (0)
not that bad of a band but they are overrated2
enos (0)
their first album alone deserves them a 5-star... they might not be as good now (of course, everbody depreciates), but they're sound has become really influential among the metal bands of today. Just listen to "phantom of the opera" or "the trooper" or "hallowed be thy name"... and you'll definitely see their vast influence. You just gotta love those double leads accompanied by a horse pedal... Hi-Yah!!!0
chris012258 (3)
Iron Maiden is without a doubt one of the best Metal bands of all time. They are vary good in my books but not quite a 5-star-Great0
cheetahzen (0)
What band is like them? They have stood the test of time and have proven themselves as live event MUST SEE'S. While the knock on them is that some of their intros may sound like other Maiden songs, the truth is they are Maiden songs and its their own distinct sound. While other bands have sold out like Metallica or have changed personality with each new album [Crue}; Maiden is the franchise of Power Metal and equal too or slightly behind real Judas Priest. Sorry Sharon that you have professional jealousy, but your fat burned-out old man is a has-been. In death even Ed Hunter is more athletic than Ozzy was at ten. 0
dennism (0)
The greatest, brilliant....matchless!!0
rjy (2)
These guys rock!0
iamfromhelltoo (0)
EDDIE RULES!!!!!!!! i love this band1
Shears (0)
cutmeaslice (0)
There are several reviews here by people that it seems do not even like the type of music Iron Maiden produce. Those people are idiots. Why bother reviewing something you aren't even into? Meteal is a niche genre, of course it isn't for everybody... Anyway. 5 stars, since (along with Judas Priest) more or less defined British heavy metal, and single handedly spawned power metal. If you're really into Iron Maiden by the way, head over to nuclearblast.de and have a listen to Edguy, they have a similar sound (the singer even sounds a bit like Bruce) without being a complete ripoff.1
MeTalhed (0)
All i can really say about this band is they are one of the oldest, but still the greatest metal bands out there today. Unbelievable guitar solos. It'll blow your mind! If you haven't heard much of Maiden, Definately check em' out!!!0
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