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Overall Rating: 4.42 based on 73 ratings

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Om (0)
The greatest composer ever by some margin. It is not jsut the popular works, great as they are - the genius is everywhere, in the early symphonies, in the haunting music of his dying months.

Forget for a moment the trout, the unfinished symphony, death and the maiden or Ave Maria. Just contemplate the masterpieces that he wrote in the final year or so of his life: the last symphony, the piano trios, the Heine songs,the shepherd and the rock song, the fminor fantasy for piano duo, the last piano sonatas, the piano impromptus, the string quintet - all of which remain unsurpassed. Teh greatest Symphony, the greatest chamber music, the greatest piano music, the greatest songs - who dares argue with this? No wonder subsequent composers, like Schumann, Dvorak and Brahms were in total awe- even though they were still not totally exposed to all of Schubert's work (Schumann never heard the Unfinished).

Schubert's art is the supremere creative achievement of mankind. One day it will stand out and recognised as such, no doubt.

Meantime, we common mortals can just enjoy, or be moved to tears by his music and occasionally wonder what our world would have been like if Shubert lived another, say 35 years and produced 35 times the output of that last year.

geog84 (10)
A mini-Beethoven.2
chemical_smurffs (0)
The best composer to have ever lived. The music is still ahead of its time.2
Louis RMB (0)
I most certainly agree with Earthling, Schubert was in a league of his own, just like Beethoven is a league of his own. These 2 are the greatest composers this world will ever know, feel and hear.12
Earthling (0)
Refering to HistoryFan, you need to understand that 80% of what Mozart composed was rubbish and is not even listened to anymore. The 20% that we listen to today is his best stuff, when you compose so much you are bound to produce masterpieces from time to time. Schubert was a genius and Beethoven acknowledged that, Liszt said he was the most lyrical composer ever, Schumann wept all night when Schubert died, Schubert was only just maturing when he died, if he had a bit more time we would have had more amazing masterpieces to enjoy. Mozart's music is good but I find it lacks the depth of Schubert, Beethoven, Dvorak, Schumann and other greats. So I think Schubert belongs at no. 2.13
HistoryFan (87)
Wait a minute! So how does Schubert outrank Mozart, anyway?3
Louisb1 (0)
Schubert created the most interesting of music in the classical genre. I find myself listening to his music constantly more and more because it offers so much depth and differing points of interpretation, more so than Beethoven whom I become bored of listening to. I wasn't a big fan of Schubert until recently, but once you are hooked you cannot let go, if only he had lived for another 32 years........21
dadgummet (0)
A master of melody writing. Very inspired writing in all of his compositions. Also very often a profound composer. He did not perform concerts and did not choose to make a living like other composers like Mozart and Beethoven. Thus he wrote whatever he wanted which was for a very limited audience of friends. See his D960 Sonata 2nd movement for an example of how deep and emotional and profound his compositions could be. Also famous for his key changes. The most striking for me is the key change from the Bflat chord at the end of D960 1st mov, to the C#minor chord at the beginning of the 2nd movement. Try revoicing the C#minor chord and see that you can't. A genius. His writing could be stark and conservative; he can be considered the opposite of Liszt, yet Liszt was heavily influeced by Schubert's Wanderer Fantasy. Schubert is easily the most underrated of all composers and most listeners do not have the patience for his music.8
excelsior30 (10)
Known for his great impromtu songs, but he did put a lot of work into them. Trout Quintet is one of the best to use in like an expensive classical restaurant. You know, I would want to dance in some roses with my date whenever I hear Rosamonde, that is one example of how lovely his songs are. 5
thebear777 (0)
The greatest composer ever. Great harmonic inventiveness, varied and beautiful melodies, and strong rhythmic sense. As said by one mucicologist his music can be enjoyed in all seasons and all moods. 3
MedgarEvers (13)
One of my top five favourite composers. He was a nerdling who scribbled down music on napkins and often debuted his astounding pieces in little bars, and got messed up in a bunch of love affairs. Also, however, the most significant composer of the Romantic era. He followed a strict pattern for developing and repeating a theme, but was able to be so creative with it. Franz Schubert was one of the first composers that helped me to understand the greatness of "classical" music. "Ave Maria," "Unfinished Symphony" and "The Trout" Quintet are all masterpieces. (why is he only #18?!!!) 3
edav6213om (0)
The ultimate romantic composer.3
Atkayma (0)
Death and the Maiden has to be the greatest string quartet I have ever heard. The song "Erlkonig" is also great, especially the a cappella version performed by The Swingle Singers3
DJON92DU (0)
I love Schubert. As a classical pianist, I enjoy playing his Impromptus #3 and 4. They are extremely beautiful.3
DUKE357OM (0)
Shubert has some good waltzes!2
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