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Overall Rating: 2.40 based on 48 ratings
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jay173 (0)
Nice 2 lit with 140hp for compact class and same gearing as integra wich also has 140hp good ecenmy saves gas no problums but then agin I fix my own cars and brakes stop fast if right brake pads on. not the best it is cheesy but some cant afford better good family car same parts as tiberion and softer ride.

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RenerWeiner (1)
Brakes...not so great. Gas wasn't so great either.

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bsapp2006 (0)
I love this car! I have never had a car this good in my life and i am 104years old.

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OrangeCharlie (5)
RUN RUN RUN!!! It was just one thing breaking after another. The warranty is the only good aspect and they suckered me in with it's attractiveness. The Elantra is very poorly built and built with cheap, unreliable parts. Steer clear and BUY AMERICAN!!!! Update: Traded for a brand new black Chrylser PT Cruiser.

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olds lover (0)
Just bought an '03 in Sept., to date it has been the best compact car I have ever owned. I did my home work before buying & in my opinion it beat the Civic, Sentra & all others in it's class. The price is right & you can't beat the warranty, in fact I like it so much that when I'm ready to trade (sell) my 98 Olds Intrigue (because GM was stupid enough to pull the line)I'm looking at the full size Sonata, hay for $25,000 that is one nice & well pacted car. Buy now because you know the way this car is selling in a few years the price will go up & the warranty down (?). Take the steal now, way to Hyundai

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mlandi (0)
I have a 2002 Elantra GLS and I can assure this is a great car. I drove all day from CA to CT in a 5-day trip plus have put lots of miles doing business trip and it has never left showed any major problem. Along all this years I have only changed oils, break pad and a couple of bulbs. This car has an excellent miles/gallon and I love its design. The only problem and the reason why I am rating it as 5 stars is its market depreciation. I was trying to trade it in and get a bigger car but all dealers are paying me $8k or less ONLY. Well, if you want to have a car for a long period of time... this is the car... If you are the kind of person who can't stick around with the same car for more than a couple of years... Don't even think about buying this car... Honda and Toyota have the lower depreciation in the market. Hope it can help you!!!

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tsvi60 (0)
2000 elantra gls not impressed the brakes needed resurfacing at 6000 miles it shifted in a strange and slightly unpredictable maner. The seats on longer drives and especialy the front passenger's seat were uncomfortable compaired to my '01 toyota corolla. then on 9/9/02 I came out in the am to the CFD extinguishing an interior electrical fire. The center colum, steering wheel. dash board, shifter leaver, hvac and radio were all melted. The dealership had replaced the radio in Jan and is refusing my warranty claim now. Greatest warranty Ha!

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sactojlm (0)
My wife purchased a 2001 Elantra after Consumer Reports' February 2001 edition noted the improvement in Hyundais in general and this car in particular. Dollar for dollar, a great value compared to everything else in its class. CR's report stated the back seat doesn't have cupholders but they do(they retract under the center of the seat). The standard base model is loaded with A/C, AM/FM, side impact air bags. Poor fit and finish on the gas tank door and a little rattle coming from the front right prevent a 5-Star score.

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liddlebopeep (0)
I'm kinda ashamed to admit it, but I like the new Elantra mainly for its styling. It looks like a much more sophisticated and expensive car than the aging Cavalier/Sunfire but I'm still iffy on the Elantra's long-term reliability prospects. If only the Toyota Corolla looked like the Elantra!

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Dianac4 (0)
I've only had my 2001 Elantra for 2 weeks, so this is a bit premature, but so far-I LOVE IT!I KNOW they've gotten a bad rap in the past, but it seems that each year they do more and more to fix whatever, and it looks as if they've gotten it right this time. Believe me, we did our homework! It comes with STANDARD FRONT AND SIDE AIR-BAGS,POWER DOOR LOCKS, POWER REMOTE SIDE MIRRORS WITH DEFROSTERS,POWER WINDOWS WITH AN 'EXPRESS DOWN' FEATURE THAT LOWERS THE DRIVER SIDE WINDOW WITH ONE TOUCH,AIR CONDITIONING(no CFG'S),OUTSIDE AIR FLOW THATS FILTERED,POWER DOORLOCKS,60/40 SPLIT FOLDING REAR SEAT,AM/FM STEREO CASETTE w/4 SPEAKERS,A 2-level CENTER STORAGE CONSOLE,2.0-LITER,140HP,16VALVE DOHC ENGINE,OVERHEAD MAPLIGHTS,A LITTLE OVERHEAD COMPARTMENT FOR SUNGLASSES,3 POINT REAR SEATBELTS W/EMERGENCY LOCKING RETRACTOR AND AUTOMATIC LOCKING RETRACTOR,CHILD REAR DOOR LOCKS AND CHILD SEAT ANCHORS, AND A WHOLE LOT OF OTHER GREAT SAFETY FEATURES AND JUST PLAIN GOOD STUFF THAT ARE USUALLY RESERVED FOR THE RICH. It's got a GREAT ride (my previous car was a 91 Ford Crown Vic-which was a luxury car), and the ride is just as good, although the seats in the Crown Vic were, well, luxurious. But the ride this car has is INCREDIBLY COMFORTABLE AND SMOOTH AND QUIET. We got a few x-tras, such as the keyless remote entry, which is great because its discreet-it doesen't make that loud 'blip'noise to let everyone around know that you have a car that you feel is or has something in it thats worth stealing.(I've seen some old junkers with keyless remotes,and all they do is call attention to the kick-ass stereo system inside, otherwise, who'd want it? The newer ones also call attention to themselves just cuz they're new- why brag about it?)My keyless remote is silent-the lights flash for a millisecond and you know its locked. Before we bought this car, we were renting cars on a consistant basis(the Ford was vandalized) We were able to drive just about every new model small sedan out there and between what we drove and all the recommendations we received on this Elantra, well,we did our homework and we are VERY pleased. Its a GREAT driving car, and for $14,000, it is AMAZING to have a car like this one. I'll be back in 6 months to let you all know how its working out. Till then my advice is--for THAT kind of money, and ALL of those features(ESPECIALLY SAFETY-I didn't even list everything),you cannot do better anywhere! (The de-frosters work GREAT when there is ice on the windows and mirrors as well.) I just can't say enough (yes I could) but I'd have written a mini-novel by then--this after only TWO WEEKS! (I know. I know...)

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gtill (0)
Just bought a 2001 Elantra, the exterior styling is great. I love this car, it has plenty of power, feels solid and smoothe. What an incredible value. If your buying check out the 2001's, new bodystyle.

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kimothy (0)
I love my Elantra!! I have the 2000 GLS model and its great. It has the 100,000 mile 10 year warranty. What more could you ask for. It's great on gas(which is wonderful right now). It does excatly what it says it does in a head on collision too. I had a 93 Elantra and in 94 I wrecked into a tree head on. Although, my 93 model didn't have a airbag at the time, I still walked away. The car did excatly what it said. The hood goes up to a point and the motor drops. So nothing gets pushed back to the driver/passengers. I just walked away with a few bruises. For 12,000 what more could you ask for you have saftey and reliablity.

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sign5102et (0)
What is the problem with this car? I have the 1999 GLS model, which boasts sporty styling, a quick throttle response and 140 horsepower--a lot for such a small car. I am quite happy with any car that comes with a 5 year, 60,000 mile warranty--especially for under $10,000 (slightly used).

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arag2175om (0)
Hey man...it drives and drives...that's what matters when you're in college, eh!

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