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Overall Rating: 3.09 based on 117 ratings

Chevrolet introduced the Suburban in 1935. This full-size, vehicle offers 14 m.p.g in the city, 18 m.p.g. on the highway and comfortably seats eight people. (Add picture)

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Donovan (110)
I am driving my second Suburban; it is a 6.1 L 2005. It is a great running vehicle. This past winter I had a vehicle accident on icy roads. The Suburban I drive is an emergency vehicle that I use 24/7. I was responding to a call, hit ice on the road and the vehicle went sideways. My goal and attention was to keep the SUV from rolling over. Two semis were directly behind me. The vehicle traveled several yards sideways, and then it straightened up. Instantly the truck slammed against the concrete wall in the middle of the interstate I was traveling on. The SUV bounced off and slammed into the wall again. Next the truck shot across all lanes of the interstate and ended up resting on gravel about 20 feet from a 30-foot drop-off. This happened in a construction zone where there were no emergency lanes on either side of the interstate.  My passenger (another responder) and myself went to the hospital with minor injuries. The truck was banged up but has since been repaired and is as good as new. SUBURBANS are tough vehicles and if we had been in something else we may have been seriously injured. (I also must always give thanks to God for his protection).3
Perfessor (0)
This is THEE SUV and I have owned three of them. They are a real joy to drive and the roominess is one-of-a-kind! The 43 gallon tank made long round trips a breeze. I can't begin to count the number of vehicles I passed in Winter driving conditions. I still have to give Suburbans only a 3 rating...and for just one reason: The resale sucks so bad I had to quit buying them. However, if you are loaded, and don't mind a $20,000 hit every other year this is still THEE SUV!0
Way Way better than any Excursion. The Excursion has the poorest gas mileage results EVER recorded. The Excursion is just too big to be of any use. The Suburban is great on and off road and has decent seats. 2
Kampen (0)
I have 2003 Yukon XL and love it. It's great in the snow and has nice features. However the front seat belts that are built in the seat are uncomfortable and difficult to get to. Placing them in the seat was a really stupid idea. Whoever came up with that idea should be fired. 2
MutantScum (0)
Sorry but I have to disagree with these comments. Back in '99, I bought a '99 GMC Suburban brand new. Did all the service religously. At 40,000 miles (4,000 miles after the warranty ran out) the transmission failed. GMC refused to provide any kind of assistance in the repair. Cost me $2,000. My local transmission guy tells me he works on 1500 series GMC/Chevys all the time cuz the trannies are pieces of crap. He knows it, GMC/Chevy knows it but for some reason they won't put a durable tranny in the thing. Anyway, 3 months later the valves and lifters crap out. So...a quart of slick 50 later, I'm at the Ford dealer buying an F-250 Superduty. 0
migh1348om (0)
The best SUV ever!!!(until the Ford Excursion comes out.) because of it's size, power, and capabilities. This baby ranks with the best of them.0
ARTI106OM (0)
Chevy (to me) makes the best SUV because of the engine. Chevy trucks have the best mpg and its a well built truck0
DBJI393DU (0)
The Suburban = the bigger the better.1
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