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Overall Rating: 2.56 based on 143 ratings

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fb61200893 (0)
Any alternative to bipartisan dictatorship is welcome. The policies are sometimes wacky, but I'd like to see them give it a try.0
Victor83 (34)
The sky is falling!3
GenghisTheHun (153)
The Age of Aquarius is over. Don't forget to buy your Depends on the way to the Social Security Office.5
jj_frap (0)
Socialists? Left-liberals or modern social democrats (as in SoDems who support humanising capitalism rather than old-school SoDems who supported democratic reform with Marxism as the end goald...I proudly consider myself a left-wing capitalist as opposed to a Marxist) would better represent the truth... They lose a point for running a guy (Nader) who sided with the rightist religious wakcos on the Terri Schiavo case...Oh well...He ain't green no more.1
Cait2040 (22)
i dont think there is much to say here. i mean, come on, the green party. Do they believe in anything that is right, moral, or even sensible for this government? well atleast we dont have to hear them b*tch as much as the democrybabies. 3
SZinHonshu (44)
A Green Party poster that was located near my home read: 48% of the National Budget is spent on defense. Are you ready to do something about it? This indicated to me, the fundamental problem with the Greens. They either don't understand what this country was intended to be (Capitalist, minimal government, low or no taxes) or they simply don't care. Two words: Peter Camejo. That just about says it all for the Green Party and what they add to the quality of political debate in this country. I would have rated them lower but I have a certain degree of respect for organizations who consistently field candidates even though American politics is dominated by a two-party system. Their presence on the ballots, just like that of the Communists, Libertarians, etc. provides voters with true choices.3
mixxin (0)
Green Party? a.k.a - Democrats with Balls that aren't Afraid of Republicans.3
texas4cash (0)
If anyone thinks the Democrats or Libertarians are left then they should take a look at these guys. Their party platform is far left most moderate Democrats would turn Republican or to the Constitution Party. The Greens may elect some in places like California, Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii. They are no more than a regional party. Once you get to the midwest and south they lose their interest. Too far left for America today.1
silverandblackattack (0)
They seem to be a bunch of tree hugging hippies.4
lincolnsandcadillacs (4)
I don't know if what Krankor wrote is true, but if the green party advocate 100% tax brackets, I don't think that would be much different than communism. Greens have no background in economics.3
BeatlesfanSteveo (3)
There idiots complete fools. While we are in a war in Iraq and fighting terroism all these clowns can do is worry about the freakin enviroment.3
Krankor (0)
Total watermelons (green on the outside, red on the inside). They lost any respect I ever might have had for them when I read their party platform and found out they advocate *100%* tax brackets. Think about that: they're saying that some people are fit to be *slaves of the state*.3
Anonymous (1)
The Green Party may have to replace the Democratic Party on the liberal scale. The Democrats are getting too conservative for my taste.1
Eagle Scout (2)
A bunch of pain in the ass hippie snivelers. Would be a one star, but they helped to keep Gore from winning, I guess that counts for something. 0
kingbaby (0)
A good alternative to the Democrats if they cannot get their act together.0
DrFeelgood03 (0)
INSANE!!!! 2
The Grand Kahuna (0)
The environment is OUR NUMBER ONE MOST PRESSING ISSUE TODAY! This is the party of the future! Not the Democrats, CERTAINLY not the Republicans, but the Green Party, who will preserve and ENRICH OUR EARTH! 2
President -X-D (6)
Communists. 6
RebelYell1861 (9)
Anti-American environmentalist freaks. 1
LadyShark4534 (12)
The Green party is for: Equal rights, gay marridges, seperation of church and state, pro-choice, freedom of spech, freedom of expression, universal laws, eliminating laws that limit artistic expression, diversity. They are against: racial profiling, animal cruelty, terrorism, dictatorship, nuclear war, and genocide as well as special rights for the elderly. Green Party may seem like a bunch of senile far left extremists, but they're a lot like Liberterians in many ways. 1
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