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New Leaders is an agile design group that consults and develops their own brand of ad-supported applications ...

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I created New Leaders to help shed light on how much, how long and what it takes to design and build websites and applications. Our process tried to be as open, upfront and honest about the process as possible. New Leaders subscribes to a pay-as-you-go philosophy that allows the flexibility to keep a universal process but to work they way our customers like to. That can be completing as much work as possible quickly or taking your time to make each decisions methodically. You only pay for the work we completed and we keep accurate time logs. Most of our applications are 100% free to use. We do have two premium services which is "Design on Demand" and "Thincloud Development".

Design on Demand is a combination of traditional waterfall Photoshop conceptual design and hand written CSS/XHTML tailored to meet a myriad of platforms such as Blogger, Shopify, Moveable Type, Word Press, Ruby on Rails and our very own Thincloud.

Thincloud is a web application development platform powered by Ruby on Rails. By creating a modular framework of very basic web applications that most business require, New Leaders is able to rapidly configure a we based application that is custom tailored to meet their unique needs.

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