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doxtop is a free, open social content publisher that puts the power of a full-blown virtual publishing house at your fingertips.

With doxtop, you can author and publish just about anything onto the Web in a split-second: short stories, novels, brochures, white papers, newsletters, magazines, resumes, job descriptions, educational materials, annual reports, research studies, e-books and much more! Then publish, distribute, discuss, and market your publications online in any format for the viewing pleasure of any person, group, community or network on the Web—with the click of a button, and without having to understand Web technology.

doxtop enables you to:

· Cut out all the middlemen and accelerate your time to market: doxtop puts you in control of the fastest, easiest and yet most comprehensive online publishing process on the planet. Publish what you want, where you want, when you want—for free!

· Author and collaborate on new content with friends and colleagues: Use standard applications like Microsoft Office and OpenOffice. Work freely across corporate and international barriers. Use peer review functions to achieve the “power of the many”. Meet in your favorite open social networking platform; collaborate and publish with doxtop!

· Distribute your publications with the click of a button: Powerful social publishing sites let you quickly configure the Web sites, RSS feeds and secure extranets you need and flood them with richly-formatted content.

· Provide readers with all of the formats they need to access your content on any device: Today’s most important formats are just a click away—for example, high-quality HTML pages, rich, multimedia hypertext publications, PDF, Flash and audio (text-to-MP3).

· Engage with your readers: Integrated Web 2.0 functions like discussion, chat, surveys, ratings, reviews and blogging help you maximize the impact your content has on the world.

· Market your content to any audience: Built-in functions for search engine optimization and submission, tagging and support for Google sitemaps make your content more visible and help drive more traffic to your Web site.

· Eliminate the time, effort and money you spend authoring, managing, publishing and integrating content: Use doxtop to publish your content online or embed doxtop in your own Web applications as your private virtual publishing house.

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