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Overall Rating:3.67 based on 21 ratings
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JPhil (0)
I rode my really Sick LIB Dark Series for about 2 years and I almost cried all the tears from my body when I hit a big hidden rock on my first ride of the season... I loved this board, a little bit stiff to do small tricks like nose manuals or else but it was worth the money when hitting a jump ! Wow ! So much pop ! Even the smallest bump could launch you with this board and it spins great with it's low weight... LIB Technologies has a lot of great technologies (They deserve their name...) Go buy one, you won't regret it and it will cost you less than a Burton and some dumb kid won't steal your board for the COOL B logo... Also, you won't cross everybody having the same board as you...

I just bought my second LIB, a Phoenix Sock (Jamie Lynn) and I can't wait to get it and ride it!

Go LIB Go ! Keep pushing the industry !

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Roscoe11 (0)
I have been snowboarding for 15yrs and while working in shops for 6 had the opportunity to ride a lot of different boards over the years. I rode a few different Banana/MagTrac boards at a demo earlier this year. Believe the hype!! I went out and bought the JL Phoenix 160 and now am having a hard time bringing my other board out on the mtn. The Banana/MagTrac does EVERYTHING they claim!! Floats sick in powder, presses with ease, and holds a mean edge at speed. This technology literally makes snowboarding more fun!! Highly recommend any board with these technologies. Go get one, i promise if you know how to snowboard you'll love these boards. THANKS Mervin for bringing snowboard design to the next level after so many years of stagnation. YOU ROCK!!!!

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drgonzo (0)
The Dark Series was a sick board, a little stiff, but tons of pop. I wouldn't recomend the magnatraction unless you only ride on ice, the edges deffinitely slow you down (it was a good idea but not tested enough). Lib Tech is a great company but be careful of the magnatraction.

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snowboardlife (0)
What I love the best about Lib Tech is that they have stayed consistent from the reign of Jamie Lynn to the reign of Travis Rice. Besides Magna-Traction, which has incredible edge hold, Lib relies on old-school, time proven techniques to construct boards.

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Blainediggitybling (0)
I pinched pennies for months to buy my Lib Tech, and it was not done in vain. I love this board greatly. It has good flex, it's lightweight, and the edges still feel brand new after one whole season of riding.

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Bethany2 (0)
I just bought one a month ago. They're good boards, and they aren't as expensive as the other companies.

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Schm"e"tty (0)
I ride Lib Tech and have for about four years and three boards. The boards have awesome and colorful designs on them. The board glides through snow like butter on a warm roll. I hope they make boards for as long as there are mountains.

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apound (0)
Jamie Lynn, a pro rider, has a pro model of a Lib Tech. This board has a good looking design. That's what makes it a really good board.

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saphire (0)
I loved my Lib Tech last winter. Rode great with a lot of flex. Great all mountain board. Unfortunately I had to epoxy it a lot. It has since retired.

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rasta (0)
These are boards that are starting to become popular in the market. The reason is the well developed style. The best reason I would own one is for the cool colors and designs, they are unique and stand out on the slopes.

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brle7896du (0)
These are some of the best boards on the market. The graphics are really cool. The boards are built for performance. The same company also makes UNU, so if you want different graphics, the UNU boards are cool too.

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Triz6994om (0)
I have heard a lot about this brand of snowboards. I've heard that it compares to some of the top boards on the market. I know that because of their high status, that the boards run pretty high in price.

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Oni96961om (0)
Lib Tech snowboards designs are extremely light, meaning they are good trick on freestyle boards. The designs on the front of the board also capture the spirit of snowboarding well, with beautiful landscapes.

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