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Overall Rating:3.20 based on 5 ratings
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ItemImageWant to play the drums? Now you can enjoy practicing and playing drums without disturbing the household with this portable, electronic drum kit. Ion Audio iED04 features eightdrum pads and a built-in electronic drum machine with professional sounds and features. You can create and record your own beats from scratch or play along with the built-in patterns. With the Digital Drum Station, you can practice quietly with headphones, or plug it into an amplifier to jam with other musicians. Drum sticks and headphones are included!

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AmyKetchum (0)
I have had other drumpad sets in the past that were not very good. A friend introduced me to higher quality pads (Yamaha) and I can honestly say that these pads are of equal quality and have a lot more features and options. A lot of fun, this drumpad set comes with adapater, earphones, and drumsticks. Midi in and out, over 200 preset sounds, soft pads with realistic sensitivity, tempo control, etc. A great tool for computer music. I would suggest that this unit is of equal quality to many big name brands in this price range (under $250).

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JordanA.Parrott (0)
So this thing does what it says it does. I use it mostly for midi triggering with software and it works just OK!

The real issue I have with it is that on each pad, the trigger works only best directly in the middle of the pad. So, what does that mean? Well, it means that if you are just banging away on this thing and you hear some non triggering, or odd sounds, well that means you've strayed too far away from the middle of the pad and it is not responding well. Not what I was anticipating, so therefore it is disappointing. Also, on the very outer edges of each individual pad, there is an unknown sound that is played and I am not sure why!? So thats another negative. As I am more into electronic genres of music (ie breaks, dnb, electro, etc) I was not primarily getting this device for its built in sounds. With that said, it does have some decent sounds on it. Very few for my styles of music. If you have similar interests, you will not find a good set of built-in sounds for the electronic genres. The R&B; and HipHop sounds are decent so I'll probably use those some, and maybe some live kits for dnb and breaks. But all in all, better off triggering better sounds.

All in all, I would probably say to go ahead and pay more for a Roland trigger pad and do not get this thing unless you budget is seriously tight like mine was. I'm glad I have it but, the quality was not as I was expecting.

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TheInformation (0)
Before the launch of this product the Alesis Control Pad was the only 8-pad midi drum trigger in the $200 range. The Control Pad redefined the industry so much at its price Guitar Center wouldn't even order them due to no profit margin. This one is good for the consumer!

Now here's a product the industry at large does not want you to know about! Ion-Audio, lower division of the Alesis company, has now cranked out an even cheaper nice rubbery 8-pad unit with a MIDI-OUT! It also has a built in SR-16 drum machine, which I barely care about. Set to fixed midi notes, each of the 8 pads can send out midi. With software like Reason any drummer can record using drum sticks, and if needed assign the performance to an appropriate sound. Using Reason's NN-XT, each of the 8 pads can be mapped to a different sound! This is an amazing capability for a unit so cheap which makes this product in the category of "unheard of until now". The pads feel like good heavy duty rubber and are extremely sensitive. With velocity mapping in the NN-XT a perfect patch can be created for your drumming style. For a tech-minded Reason user, this is a brilliant and cheap device that can be used professionally.

Unfortunately in Reason the Redrum Drum Machine only responds to the iED04 on some of the pads. It seems Reason is as inflexible about Redrum midi-in assignment notes as the Ion is about midi output assignment: neither will do it! While I tried to come up with a tricky patch in Reason to make the iED04 trigger 8 redrum channels, I could not do it. The slightly more expensive Alesis Control Pad has more midi flexibility and USB, but no built in SR-16 drum machine. It seems there's no all-in-one yet.

The ION iED04 comes with headphones and some cheap drumsticks as well, making the box an incredible value. If you are seeking the absolute cheapest 8-pad midi trigger system, this is it! Without USB this unit needs to be plugged into a standard midi interface, which could add to the cost of getting it up and running if you have no existing midi ports.

KUDOS to the creators of this very valuable and impressive package.

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DavidSnir (0)
one pad Stoped working 3 days after. with regular easy use.
no response from support. none whatsoever!

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MartinEspinoza (0)
Bought this item online for just under $130. I read a lot about it before getting it - including the above comments (all great comments, by the way) - so I knew what to expect. Once I started messing around with it I felt compelled to make some minor "DIY" changes. The first thing that frustrated me was the fact that the foot pedal input for the bass drum is not velocity sensitive, although the drum pad assigned to the bass drum is. Also the assigned positions for the pads are awkward; the crash is where I think a mid-range tom should be and the closed high hat pad is where the low-range tom should be. Lastly, the pads, though velocity sensitive, do not trigger well when hit away from the center. The difference in volume between the exact spot in the middle of the pad where the piezo is located and just half an inch off drove me crazy. Well, with the wife and 10-month-old son away for the weekend, I went a little bit overboard trying to fix things. I lifted (with great difficulty) the rubber pad off the front of the encasing, pulled up the foam padding on top of the piezos and reassigned the pads to more appropriate positions. This required removing the back of the device and carefully pulling the piezos through small slits in the encasing. You might also need to extend the length of the wire hookups for certain piezos (use very thin wire). I also took small squares of aluminum flashing and glued them with 5-minute epoxy directly on top of the piezos so that the pads would trigger more evenly. The last thing I did was mount a foot pedal input to the side of the device and connect it directly to the pad assigned to the bass drum. You can do this by simply connecting two thin wires to the two wires coming off the bass drum piezo and wiring them to the new input. This gives you a velocity sensitive kick! I didn't want to mess with the bass pedal input already there.
So, that's what I did. There's still some cross-triggering, maybe a little bit more. A more careful DIY wiz could probably do a better job, but I'm pretty happy with the results.
I figure when I get a little more time, I'll redo the entire pad setup using a softer, quieter rubber surface and maybe a better piezo triggering mechanism (the aluminum flashing didn't improve the triggering as much as I had hoped).

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