Crescent 43 Black Electric Bass Guitar

This Electric Bass is ideal for musicians of any age! Whether you need another Guitar to add to your ...
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Added on 08/28/2008
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Crescent 43 Black Electric Bass Guitar 2

I won one of these (it's white with a black pick guard) and it was my first bass guitar. It was okay to learn on but as I started learning about the bass I started finding all the flaws in this instrument. 2 of the screws that hold the pick guard on were stripped and just fell out within the first week of owning it. The strings are way too high off the fret board even after adjusting the bridge all the way it would allow. The frets are jagged and I had to file them down on either side after cutting my hand and my pants on them a few times. It doesn't hold a tune for more than one session and the neck isn't straight inline with the body. I'm glad I won it because it was a great help in learning to play bass, but no I would never pay for one of these. This is also one of the heaviest bass guitars I've ever held.

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Crescent 43 Black Electric Bass Guitar 5

I have the sunbirst version of this bass. It has a real wood body and neck, rosewood fretboard. This bass sounds great and comes with decent strings. Good body construction and finish. Low action out the box, no setup needed. No string buzz all the way up the neck. Surprisingly good tone. Straight neck. Truss rod. Will hold up for gigs or as a backup. Perfect for beginner or intermediate player. I'd have to be pretty good player before I would consider trading up. This is all you need. Don't get caught up in name brands until you start making some decent money for performing.

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