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Dot.TK 4

I liked this service, but for my purposes, found the number of disposable addresses too restrictive. I was also afraid  of losing my emails if there was not sufficient transactions.

Otherwise I think it was worth a look

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Dot.TK 5

With TK Mail, Internet users can generate up to 250 real working personalised email addresses, with their own domain name, all ending with the .TK extension. The nice thing is that they all will be with the same your own domain as your Web Site is, and this personalized domain is on the top tier.
For example, I have a site with address
Now I can create multiple email addresses [email protected], that will be forwarded to the email of my choice.

Please note that your TK Mail and your domain names will continue to work if you receive at least 10 emails over a period of 90 days on all your virtual email address together within one domain name.

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