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Ridgewalker (67)

Jupiter now has over 60 confirmed Moons and through a 2-3" home telescope, you can see four of them nicely. These are the Galilean Moons, as you-know-who first saw them in the early 17th century. The significance of this is that these were the first orbiting, non-Earth or Solar objects to be discovered.

The first time I saw them was exciting enough to give up the 'scope so that anyone within ear-shot could get a chance to see them, too, even though there is little-to-no color through a small lens. Everytime thereafter, there was a diminished sensed of awe as they became easier to find. Not even a 24" telescope can provide enough color to make this a constantly amazing experience, especially when you have the opportunity to see objects like star clusters, comets, colliding galaxies, or a look deep into the Virgo Cluster.. Not to mention what The Hubble has brought to us...

This is pretty much what you will see:

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oscargamblesfro (86)
Speaking of pretentious prog, I think this was a King Crimson outtake.

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GenghisTheHun (182)
This is basically the same as my posting on the Rings of Saturn. I had a relatively inexpensive home telescope and could see the moons around the great planet. The problem with your home telescope is that the earth's rotation swings the view out of focus after a short period of time, usually less than a minute. You have to adjust to bring the planet back into focus. I also looked a Mars.

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