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Overall Rating:3.67 based on 3 ratings
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Aired on Nickelodeon, from 1998-2000, based on the novels by K.A. Applegate. (Add picture)

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mtastic (9)
In elementary school, this was THE books series to read. Everybody was fascinated by the unique covers that showed a person morphing into an animal, and it was something that was just "grown-up" enough to think was cool, yet childish enough that we could all easily read. The yerks (the main villain in the series that were slugs who go into your ear and take control of your body) were truly horrifying to a 4th grader. The television series was cool because it was a visual rendering of what we all had in our minds. I have no idea of the actual quality of the series, but to my younger mind, it was pretty entertaining.

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Scuta5 (5)

Animorphs is about a group of kids given the chance to fight evil, before it is to late. They are given the chance to transform into animals and use these animal forms to fight evil aliens, but they keep this war secret, because if their names are found out, Earth is doomed! These alien can take control of you, and you have no idea who is who? so will you join the fight? or join with the aliens called Yeerks?

I have most of the book series, do not somehow watch the tv show, only do that when you have read the books. but watch it if you want. If you wanna start reading these books begin with "The Hork-Bajir Chronicles" and then read "The Andalite Chronicles" After reading that, you should read "Animorphs: The Invasion" and so on. I find it a great read.

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