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Overall Rating:2.32 based on 158 ratings
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ItemImageCurrent U. S. Senator from Virginia--best selling author

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HelpfulFeedback (0)
Webb would provide the defense stature that Obama lacks.

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CanadaSucks (50)
Webb himself and his staff have told everyone they're not interested. And Webb does want to become a more powerful Senator. . .the tea leaves tell me that Webb will bide his time and perhaps wait until the next election. . .but snapping Webb up now to consolidate Virginia would be a coup. Good but not great choice- but I don't think this will happen. But it does have a sizzle-factor. . .

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SRT-4 Life (0)
Hasn't fucked up too much, and unlike most democrates hasn't cheated on his wife on a canstant basis

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Astromike (27)
Who gives a shit who he picks. They all suck

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Lui$ (Is In D.R. From... (0)
No, manbearpig all the way.

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GenghisTheHun (177)
Great Choice. He is from Virginia and could will put this crucial state in the Democratic column.

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Loerke (52)

I'm too left-leaning to be a Webb guy myself, but it'd be hard for me not to see him as the obvious frontrunner: the country to Obama's city, the South to Obama's North, the conservative to Obama's liberalism ... His war heroism is nearly as impressive as McCain's, while his anti-war stance on Iraq exposes the giant albatross around McCain's neck. Webb was Secretary of the Navy under Reagan -- and the minute anyone mentions Reagan's name, many Americans fall into a swoon involving the loss of any common sense or grip on reality. If Obama nominates Clinton, there will still be significant doubts about his victory; but if he nominates Webb, I can guarantee you here and now that, absent more GOP fraud, there is no way he loses in November.

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