Daryl Stingley injury from Jack Tatum Hit

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Daryl Stingley injury from Jack Tatum Hit 4

I was, and continue to be, a big Jack Tatum fan.  Not so much as a human, but as one of the best and hardest hitting safeties in the history of the game.  He was a ferocious hitter, and took a great deal of pride in being one.  In Super Bowl XI he nailed the Vikings Sammy White with what is still regarded as one of the top hits in the history of the game.

I'm not going to apologise for Tatum's behavior after the fact of the Stingley hit.  He has never apologized, and that does show a flaw in his character, but it should be noted that shortly after the hit, when Stingley was hospital, Tatum attempted to visit him, but was denied permission by Stingley's family.

The hit itself looks like something you might see in any NFL game.  It is not a cheap shot or a dirty hit, but it is delivered with the same ferocity that Tatum was famous for.  I'm not condoning it, and it is an undeniable tragedy that Stingley's life was forever damaged, but there is a lot of mythmaking about this event, largely based on Tatum's reputation.



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Daryl Stingley injury from Jack Tatum Hit 5

This injury which caused Daryl Stingley to be paralzyed is probably the worst in NFL history and an injury like this is one reason why so many people dislike football. I am a big football fan but injuries like this are why I have a love-hate relationship with the sport. This play (although I usually turn my head when this play is shown--one time for some reason I decided to look and it looked like a normal play asStingley went over the middle to catch a pass but Jack Tatum met him head on with a hit. Much to my shock and disgust, Tatum has never apologized to Stingley saying he didn't do anything wrong. And yes Jack, while the hit was still legal and part of the game and you probably didn't intend to paralyze him---you should still apologize  as people do apologize for accidents they cause or do something they didn't intend to do such as as someone hitting someone else in a car accident which causes an injury. You should've said something like "I'm sorry for delivering that hit which resulted in what happened to you as did not men to injure you where you were going to get paralyzed" or at the very least "I'm sorry that you were hurt so seriously on that play". Of course Daryl has passed away so you can't apologize but at the very least you can apologize to his family or at least to his son also plays football as he grew up with a father who was confined to a wheel chair.     

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