Dynasty Warriors

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Dynasty Warriors 5

A classic, albeit slightly repetitive gaming franchise in which you play one of the many characters from the epic "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" tale, wading through hordes of adversaries like some sort of bizarre human threshing machine. One of the inconsistencies between the game and the text it was based on is that Yue Ying, Zhuge Liang's wife, was apparently quite homely (though he nonethless favoured her for her intellect), but in the games, she's utterly gorgeous (like all the other female characters, naturally). I wonder if they'll make a game about World War II in a few thousand years with Ealenor Roosevelt as a stunningly beautiful, scantily clad, warrior woman?

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Dynasty Warriors 4

I have the most fun whacking idiots while on a hijacked horse, truth be told.

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