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Overall Rating: 3.29 based on 7 ratings
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DrEntropy (40)

America is a diverse place and it is hard to generalize about its ruling class in the same way as France or England. Still, the last few decades have seen a considerable homogenization of the American rich, due to inbreeding, the decline of once-prominent regional/religious differences, and the rise of a globalized economy. With a few exceptions (e.g. The Hollywood Glitterati) the American Rich are a pretty boring bunch; whether computer nerds, heiresses or corporate executives, billionaires or millionaires, they all tend towards a bland mediocrity of dark suits or polo shirts, charitable functions, supersized McMansions, super-model trophy wives, and a strange obsession with yachting.

Not the worst of snobs, but far from the best.

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Ridgewalker (53)

The most prominant group of Americn snobs are not-so-attractive women with great hair. Find a lot of them in New York...

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trebon1038 (65)
A three for being in the middle...duh...I know some very rich people who are awsome, but some others have been very good at shunning anyone beneath them

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CanadaSucks (50)
Ordinary and overrated. . .I've met a few (not many) rich people and they have different personalities. Some are snobs who exist in their own little world and some (you could tell) became rich by being intelligent, engaging, and perceptive. . .not high on this list.

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MissPackRat4Jesus (42)
Although a great number of rich people are undoubtedly snobs, this is not true of all of them.

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irishgit (151)
There should be sub-categories here for the old money rich and the new money rich. Both are snobs, but both in different ways.

The old money is usually WASPy, works hard to imitate the English snob (and fails miserably)and tends to a certain effeteness.

The new money is brash, conspicuous, consumptive and arrogant, with a strong overtone of macho breastbeating.

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